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Day Eight: Tour Guide Day

11/8 toddler at feet

I guess I’ve run out of excuses for not blogging properly after last night’s post. That doesn’t mean I’m suddenly going to be a great night writer though. I’m just not a night person. I really miss the old days when I could type away after downing a big cup of coffee in the morning. Those were the days.

I do have a lot to talk about though. I’ve been having a lot of fun showing Bethany Actually around town (ie: forcing her to go to Ralphs with me… What? Don’t all tourists want to go grocery shopping?). I took her along on all my normal routines. The beach, the park… stuff like that.

lifeguard tower number four

Too bad the weather has pretty much been like crap. Gray, cold, dreary, foggy… like it is here all winter, we just forget about it because the really pretty days stick in your memory so much more. Bethany says she doesn’t mind. She likes cold weather. She must be a nut.

crazy bethany

Obviously. Which is sort of why I like her.