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lower case makes the case!

little a is for little apples!

It has been brought to my attention (by several informed readers) that kids these days need to learn their lower case letters first. This make sense, since that’s how you learn to read. SO I am interrupting our regularly scheduled sense of ORDER and am throwing organization to the wind for the sake of the children!

I know, I know, this is tricky. What do we do with the new little cards? How do we back them up to the big letters? If I stick my paper in my printer will “b” print on “a” and “a” print on “b”? Probably. So here’s what I suggest: print them on separate sheets of paper, cut them out and glue them back to back old school style.

I’m sorry. I realize, as a busy parent myself, that this is way too much mess and fuss for somebody who can barely keep the laundry done. But this is just how it’s going to have to be because I am not ready to be making my templates perfect for all printers across the country so that one side can back up perfectly to the other. I do feel bad, I do. But give it a go with the scissors. It’s for the children.

Or you can wait until I have them professionally printed (sometime next year when my credit card recuperates from the dog eat dog summer) and you can buy them all done for you in a nice little box on shiny card stock from my shop!

little b is for little bugs!

In the meantime, wave those scissors in air like you just don’t care! We love smart kids!

Download ’em here. Oh no! You missed the free download. Stay tuned though. They will be for sale in my shop some day.


  • OMSH

    I did consider all uppercase before, but figured you had a plan up your sleeve.

    I’m glad you are going to sell these in your store! I cannot wait for your store to open li’l ms. creativ miss.

  • Keri

    Thanks for sharing these – you really are generous. I think I might still buy them in your store, though.

  • Jennie

    Very smart – I would have never thought about teaching lowercase first. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have kids yet!

    You are sweet to share them with us. I can’t wait until your store opens someday – You are so amazingly talented!

  • Meghan

    I eagerly anticipate their professional arrival, once the alphabet is done you should take pre-orders, it could give you the cash up front to get the presses whizzing.

  • andrea

    I can’t wait for you to open your store. I may print out copies in the meantime, but promise to purchase them as a whole when you get to that point.

    You continue to inspire me to be a bit more creative. I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head, I don’t know where to start.

  • BeachMama

    You know that now you have to open a store? And I think Meghan has the right idea, take preorders to get your ball rolling. Maybe you could start working on it this fall instead of the new year?

  • Jen O.

    I am definitely, definitely going to buy a set of these letter once you start selling them. I hope you get them ready for your store before Eirinn actually learns the alphabet, but she’s only 18 months, so I’m sure you will (fingers crossed).

    What are the chances you get the store going before Christmas?

  • Erin from Iowa

    Not to pressure you but I think the preorder idea is a great one. Looking forward to buying these for my grandson Asher whenever you do make them available.

  • mar

    Just a thought – and it might not work out from an aesthetic point of view – the flash cards I have for my kids (and their alphabet books) have the upper and lower case letters right next to each other, so it’s not a matter of learning one then the other – you learn them together, at the same time. Like I said, it might not work to make such cute looking cards that way, but that’s what I’ve got!

    Just adorable!

  • Alissa

    I’m so ready for you to open your shop. I’ll be one of your first customers. I love the cards but haven’t saved them as we don’t have a printer but I’m more than happy to buy yours. What else will be available?

  • lynne

    Good luck with the exihibition and sale of your work tomorrow, I think it’s a major achievement to look after an infant full time and paint a collection of canvas’s. I admire you and if I didn’t live a gazillion miles away in a different country I’d buy a painting.

  • Sandra

    Good luck tomorrow! –
    And a suggestion if there are people that are printing the letters (Upper on one side, lower on the other) back to back – perhaps the lower case letters can be reading from right to left – that way, the upper case will go ‘ A B’ and the lower case will go ‘ b a’ and then when it prints out, the A and a will end on the same side?

  • Jennifer

    I love these flash cards, as a preschool teacher, I am glad you decided to get tothe lowercase as well. I like them on separate cards because then they can be made into a matching game: match the lower case to the upper case. I just found your site and am thrilled that I did. You’re work is fabulous!

  • Miguelina.

    I think you should take pre-orders. Not that you don’t have a million other things going on, but I think a lot of us are willing to put a little cash upfront to get these cuties printed.