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Hi! This is a place holder post. Don’t read me. Come back later.

Why even bother posting, you ask? Because I desperately want to roll off my “I’m so tired all the time” post. But I’m still “so tired”. And I’m getting very pissed off about it. Having your *free* time at night is not a good thing for a morning person.

I’m sitting here on my bed in our bedroom and the cat is insisting on rubbing her head on my laptop. I’m so tired of being tired, and my inability to write a decent blog post after 10 pm, that I kicked the cat. Her purring was bugging me. My mood is that bad. (Don’t worry. Cat is fine. It didn’t even phase her.)

I promised myself only one whiney blog post at a time so I’m going to wrap this up with a rain check. So here we go: We know you have a choice when you fly the friendly skies and we thank for choosing SAJ even when you get crappy service. Please come back later. Goodbye.


  • BeachMama

    You are too hilarious!! Totally understandable, hope you got a good night sleep and I am sure that cat didn’t even know you were mad at her (him?).

    Wishing you a better day today.

  • Carrie

    I read that as “I licked the cat” and I totally could not figure it out.

    I’m tired of being tired too. One day this parenting business has to involve more rest, doesn’t it?

  • DeeJay

    Maybe if you did the Macarena a few times with BB and Toby you would feel a little better. Helps me. hehe Shhh don’t tell…my family doesn’t know.

  • Jen

    Even when you are having a bad time of it you are still the cutest. Don’t worry. You’re entitled to some bad days as well. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Roz

    Aww…i know how you feel. I’m tired all the time too and i’m not even a Mommy!

    See soon! (as my 2.5 year old niece says :))

  • Bethany Actually

    SAJ, maybe you can take comfort in the fact that you have some of the nicest, funniest commenters out there. Carrie & bluejaye, you’re cracking me up!

    Being tired sucks. I think I know what you’re going through, because I do the same thing to myself. I stay up way too late, knowing I will pay for it later but wanting (needing?) the time to get things done, then regretting it later, drinking too much coffee, etc.

    I hope you get the chance for a nap soon.

  • Laura

    Oh… that post is funny.
    I think the service is great here at SAJ – the entertaining posts, ridiculously cute Baby Bug pictures, inspirational party ideas, beautiful photographs and the illustrations that ooze creativity.
    Service is just fine thank you!
    One Happy Customer

  • Jennifer

    I know what you mean. I had a plan for an extra hour of sleep this morning but it completely failed. It made me feel even more tired. I hope you catch up on sleep soon. I agree with Laura, the service is great here :)

  • bluejaye

    Oh, oh, oh don’t let forget about menopause….you can’t sleep. Mostly because your “skinny assed husband” is always cold and has run the heater on high all evening long and that wonder internal furnace is blazing.

    Or you have your first craft show in 2 days and keep worrying about how amaturish you will look compaired to everyone else.

    Or you have to finish Harry Potter before anyone spoils the ending for you.

    Or heaven forbid your husband miss a single minute of a 24 hour car race.. and then snores through it all but wakes up the second you turn it off.

    Thank goodness we have a futon in the living room or I can steal a kids bed if they are on a sleep over.

  • Gramma

    Being tired is the name of the game for mothers. Just when the youngsters sleep decent naps and sleep the whole way through the night, you get a new little one and start all over again. .Lately I’ve been getting up tired with a low back pain, but a six o’clock walk limbers me up a bit. What really helps me for energy is EmergenC….just stir the powder into some water, or better still, into some juice and it gives you a large charge…400% of the recommended Vitamin B-12. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it sure works for me.

  • andrea

    I hope you can get some sleep soon. I hate the feeling of being so tired but knowing that a good nights rest is not in the cards.

    My cat gets kicked on a daily basis. Only in the most loving way of course : )