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Hotter than Dog’s Breath

mmmmmmmm.... ice cream

It’s been hotter than Hades around here lately. I think it’s the humidity. The heat just sticks to your body and you feel like you’re breathing inside a plastic bag. Okay, it’s not that bad. I know it is that bad in a lot of places… it’s just that’s what it feels like to me. I’m a pansy.

So I decided to go visit my mom out in the Sticks where it’s 105 in the shade! Why? Because she has air conditioning and Bug and I were just plain bored of our hot house. The beach has been off limits lately because it is crowded crowded crowded. Ugh. The water is delightful but there are just too many people. Also, my beach buggy (aka the jogger stroller) has a flat. We’re out of commission for a while.

The thing about the sticks this last visit is, there was no internet. Gasp! No internet! The horror. Believe me, I felt like I was roughing it. But that’s what happens when money is tight. Sometimes the extras (even the ones you are addicted to) get turned off. So I went offline for two days. TWO WHOLE DAYS.

ripe tomatoes from my mom's garden

It was good for me. We played in my mom’s garden. Picked lots of “matoes,” as Baby Bug calls them. I didn’t paint a stroke, even though I hauled my entire massive collection of disposable plastic cups full of mixed paint out there. I meant to but I actually worked on some computer work that I needed to get done. It was really nice, actually. I love my mom’s swamp cooler. I miss it, in fact.


  • Bethany Actually

    Oh, I miss swamp coolers, too. We had an awesome one in Tempe. Glad you were able to get some relief from the heat, even if it meant no internet. :-) Those tomatoes look delicious!

  • Susan

    I feel the same doggy breath in Arkansas. Its been 105+ everyday even in the shade and I can’t wait for some fall time weather! I would definitely stick with the sticks. =)
    Those tomatoes look amazingly juicy.

  • DeeJay

    Yummy matoes!

    Glad you made it through the 2 days without and lasting after effects.

    BTW…it’s a girl at 7:12 this a.m. 6 lbs 5 oz and 20 inches long.

    Mommy and girl are both doing great!

  • andrea

    I sometimes feel like I should take a technology break. The problem is, no matter where we go we have internet access and my quick little email checks turn into an hour of blog reading. I think the only thing that will separate me from the internet is a few days in the wilderness where there are absolutely no computers.

  • BeachMama

    I did a week this year at the beach. And funny enough I think I fared the best out of the four of us. And truthfully, I spend the most time on the net. A break is good once in a while, but when we are down at home, I really find it hard.

    Glad you got some relief in the sticks. Can I ask what a swamp cooler is?

    SAJ says: I’m sorry BeachMama. I meant to answer this and then I somehow skipped over it. I’m not sure how a swamp cooler works. I think it just blows air over water. It’s much wetter than an air conditioner. Kinda “swampy” actually but when you’re hot, it feels very nice. Here’s a better explanation.

  • Clownfish

    Here in AZ the AC units (2) are spinning 24/7, hahaha. Last night we got a nice rain storm; all is fresh and clean this morning.

    Thrifty is long gone after being swallowd by Rite Aid but their ice cream is here to stay (back in the day, they would always win State Fair Ribbons for their ice cream). There is a water store here that carries Thrifty ice cream. Our favorite? Chocolate Malted Crunch. Dig in BB!

  • Gramma

    There is nothing, absolutely nothing that tastes as good as your Dad’s tomatoes, ripened on the vine. He picked a few of his giants for me, the kind that make two whole sandwiches…and they are relatively low in calories, too! I have two anemic bushes planted together. They are struggling.

  • n-onymous

    You should’ve stopped by my house; it’s both air conditioned AND a wireless hotspot ;)

    SAJ says: Oh! I didn’t know. I will next time!