Life in My Fast Lane


It’s been a busy few Mondays so I haven’t really shown up here as I’ve planned. I’ll just ramble through these pictures to catch up.

First up: since summer vacation started (and I don’ have to play Muber and take Bug to school every morning), I have been popping my earbuds in to talk to my dad and walking the nearby park. It’s great. We’ve walked every morning for two weeks straight. We both are early birds and we both like walking and talking so we get a lot of gabbing and steps in early in the morning. Sometimes afterward I get some more steps in and hit the local Starbucks for a latte in a *glass* cup because everybody knows coffee tastes better in a glass cup.  It’s not my favorite mom-and-pop coffee shop but at least it’s a little more charming than the usual to-go routine.


One of those days last week Bug and I went to Orange Circle for some thrifting. Lately, I’m on the hunt for “fabulous” costumes for my upcoming birthday party. (I’m planning a photoshoot as part of it.) I’m super nervous about everything and trying desperately not to spend too much money in the planning stage. It’s just what I do. Over-think, over-spend. It’s a really bad habit to break. Kind of like biting your nails.


In other news, I have started a new puzzle. Leah told me about this really cool puzzle board that you can use to keep your puzzle contained. It’s great! All you have to do is slide the side panels in and then close it up tight with special velcro flaps and no pieces can escape. Unfortunately, the puzzle board arrived a little banged up in the mail and it’s warped in the middle. It still works but it would be nicer without a hill in the middle. I’ve got an email into them but so far no response.


Bug and I are crossing off summer bucket list adventures. Our first adventure was to The Huntington Gardens. I love the gardens so much. We’ve got an evening stroll planned too. I would definitely get a membership here if it wasn’t a two-hour drive away. (crying face emoji here)


We took Bug’s boyfriend and a friend with us. I love hanging out with teenagers. They are so funny and we have the best car conversations.  They put up with me surprisingly well, of course being the one with wheels keeps me in close proximity. That might change once they  get their driver’s licences but for now I’m basking in their youthful energy and approval. Funny how it’s such a priviledge to be appreciated by the young. It makes me want to rush out make more older friends and let them know they are just as fabulous.


Oh yes, the street fair at my parent’s mobile home complex. It was a blast. I sold a lot of books! Who knew! I’ve done craft fairs before and made no money. Of course having my parents as my number one fans and advertisers helps a lot and the fact that a highschool friend dropped by and scooped up quite a few. Shout out to Jenny!

It was also 103 degrees F. Yowzers. We stayed in the shade much of the time but had to close up shop before the fair ended so we didn’t get heat stroke.  Dry desert heat is much more bearable than humidity but even this desert rat has her limits.


It’s been a busy few weeks as you can see. After the street fair we went back home and hosted a double birthday trip to the local zoo for my great nieces! I am a double great aunt to my niececompoop’s two daughters. I LOVE these babies!!! They are so adorable. Whenever one of them wanted me to hold them I did not say no.  How could I???  Their mamas were more than happy to have me hold them. I got my baby cravings filled and they got a little rest. And then I got a backache the next day! Shout out to all those older mamas hefting 20 babies out there. Stay strong!


Our local zoo is very small but that’s about all the bandwidth we had anyway. Between heat and toddlers attention spans, a small zoo is perfect. We saw some birds and some monkeys, an ocelot and some camels and that was great.


Then we went home for dinner and cake!


The following weekend I took a road trip with some friends to Las Vegas for a Sting concert. I couldn’t quite swing a hotel stay (they are mucho expensive right now) but that was fine because one of my best friends, Bethany (not BethanyActually but my highschool bestie since 9th grade!!), lives in Henderson which is just a hop from the strip. I love staying with Bethany. We’ve been friends forever (and roommates during college ) so it’s like having a sleepover with your best friend and spending all your time laughing and talking non-stop. She also has several reptile pets so it was kind of like staying in a zoo. I got to watch her feed her snake and let her bearded dragons out for a morning sun bath and constitution. I can now add “lizard farts” to my strange story collection.


The Sting concert was awesome of course. I’m not as huge fan of Sting as my friend Teresa (she’s a die-hard fangirl) but I definitely enjoyed hearing my old favorite songs and watching him interact with the crowd. I love how some musicians seem to be energized from the audience. It was his last concert in residency for the year and you’d think he’d be exhausted after playing the same songs night after night after night, but no, he was loving every minute. Seventy years has not slowed him down much at all.

And that’s that! All caught up. Now it’s time to get to work!

Adventuring in Ventura


Bug had tickets to a concert in Ventura this last Friday. We bought the tickets way back in March and had really no idea where the band was even playing. That’s how I roll. Always living on the edge. For some reason in my mind I thought it would be close by because the band is a local band. Nope. They were playing a venue two-to-three hours away depending on traffic. Whoops!

When I realized I’d be driving Bug and her friend to the concert and then hanging out for four hours in a town I didn’t know and then driving home at midnight I decided I’d look around for a cheap hotel.

Guess what I stumbled across? The cutest vintage trailer park EVER!!!!  It was three minutes from the concert venue and by the pictures, it seemed super cool and hip and exactly like the kind of place I’d like to hang out in. I mean, if I’m going to be stuck alone while my kid is at a concert I might as well be stuck in some place cool, right? That’s what I say.


Friday night we drove straight there. Checked in briefly and then I dropped the kids off at their concert.


While they banged their heads around to punk music I settled into my vintage trailer.


It was awesome. The trailer park manager gave me some hot chocolate and a cute little s’mores kit to take to the communal fire pit. I hung out with a group of mom’s on a getaway vacation and some old dude drinking whiskey. It was great. Three hours later I went back to the concert venue and picked up the girls. They were beat from all the mosh pit excitement so we settled into our trailer and went to sleep.

The trailer park is right next to the train tracks and I was worried that we’d be up all night listening to trains whaling (wailing?) on their horns but I didn’t hear even one. Either I was out cold or the trains that run that track only run in the daytime. I’ll have to investigate that. All in all it was a very cozy and quiet night.


The next morning I woke up before the girls and took a short walk across the highway (via a bridge) and walked to the ocean. The trailer park is right across Pacific Coast Highway from the beach!!! Talk about great location!


I meandered down the pier, watching the fisherman, the surfers and the various birds hanging around. It was a nice morning walk. There were a few beach bums but they totally had a kick back vibe that felt welcoming instead of scary.


Then I headed back to the trailer park for my complimentary coffee and orange juice.


How nice is that? And it was good coffee too with real cream. No watery weak stuff with powdered creamer, no way. I really enjoyed this place and will probably come back. I wish I could have stayed longer but Bug had plans to go to Disneyland for Joon’s birthday. Tough life! Concerts and Disneyland and vintage trailers.. oh my! She’s definitely going to be spoiled once summer vacation gets here and I have absolutely no plans.