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trying hard not to miss Toby


It’s been a busy couple of days. Toby’s been gone since Tuesday and I’ve had company every day except one. I needed one down-day to clean the house and do laundry and just sort of unwind a little. But not too much un-winding. The one night I spent alone, gave me the creeps. I had horrible nightmares all night long that Alton Brown (who I love and shouldn’t be creeped out about at all) was stalking me! Why would I go and nightmare something like that? Who knows. But it wasn’t fun so I called up my family and talked them into coming back and staying with me until Toby gets back on Thursday. He was supposed to get back last Friday but then it got pushed back until this coming Tuesday and now he says he’s coming back this coming Thursday. I think he’s having too much fun. (If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll get back before my birthday on Friday. Though I shouldn’t complain too much, we did get a surprize package in the mail today {on SUNDAY with extra delivery charges!!!} with FUN wahine clothes for both Baby Bug and I!!!)

the whole family watching Pink Panther cartoons

When you have company you can’t just sit around and watch cartoons all day long so we’ve been getting out and about and doing fun things. We went to the Zoo.

Rapunzel and Bug ride the turtle

We spent some quality sun-burn time at the beach and the Bay. The beach has been very very very crowded lately so we found the Bay to be much nicer. Plus there are no waves (except wake waves) which is great for the kids.

Bay Baby


And of course we are eating lots of things with calories.

special treat doughnut breakfast

Baby-Bug helps Papa fix things

It’s been really great having so much family around. The niece-com-poops had to go home today but my Mom and Dad are staying on for a few days. My Dad’s gotta work but his commute from my house is just about the same from their house so he’s spending the week at Hotel Ponnay. Which is really really great for me because my Dad likes to fix things and there are lots of broken things here to be fixed. Speaking of fixing… My brother re-caulked my tub today. How wonderful is that? I love my family.


  • DeeJay

    Oooh, re caulking the bath tub always makes it feel like a new special tub! My husband did ours about a year ago and then I walk in and see that it’s the wrong color. Now it looks like it’s dirty. lol. Oh well, it is already starting to crack so soon we can fix it. No biggie.

    So, what’s Santa bring SAJ for her birth day this year?

    SAJ says: Santa Toby already bought me a new camera… that I’m not liking so I might send it back. More on that later. I’m so spoiled rotton. He’s also taking us back with him to Hawaii on the next work trip in December? Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!

  • aimee/greeblemonkey

    Family you love to hang out with AND fixes things AND stays in hotels? Whaahhhhhhht is thattttt?

    SAJ says: Well, they stay at the hotel that is my house… as in Hotel Ponnay or the Ponnay Inn/Bed and Breakfast. But that’s fine with me. :) As long as they leave before they smell. heh heh just kidding Mom!

  • Ninotchka

    Oooh, I wish I had someone to re-caulk my tub. Guy could do it but it’s one of those pesky jobs you just keep putting off, you know?

    Glad you’re enjoying your company!

  • Clownfish

    I’m laughing with you and loving your dream with Alton Brown (chef & stalker), hahaha. Mine would be Giada. Sometimes she’s pretty…sometimes she looks like a bobble-head. I don’t want the bobble-head stalking me! hehe

  • Jenifer

    I really envy that you have family so close by to come and visit. When B travels, my closest relative is 512 miles away (thank you Google maps). That is one of the downers of moving so far away from loved ones.

  • gretchen

    Baby Bug is starting to look like a very big girl. You might have to start calling her something else! But what?

    SAJ says: I think I’m gonna start calling her “Bug”.

  • MomnPop

    Oh man, our tub needs recaulking so bad. How long till you can use it again? My husband’s been getting out of this one forever by telling me we won’t be able to use it for 3 days once we do it. Is that true?

  • Bethany

    I wish there really were a Hotel Ponnay! I bet you would run the best B&B. :-) Glad you are enjoying lots of family time while you are missing Toby. I know from experience that makes the time pass much quicker.

    I still think you should say BB stands for “Beach Bug.”

    Also, thanks for the heads-up about your birthday! ;-)

  • Kuky

    How nice that you are spending time with the family. I don’t see my family too often even though they’re only an hour away. But of course if I saw them more frequently I’m sure they would drive me crazy. Seeing them less makes them more bearable! :-D And they definitely don’t re-caulk tubs for us. Yes how long does it take? My husband hasn’t gotten around to doing ours and if it takes 3 days to dry that would suck! I like using my bathroom more than the guest bathroom. But of course if we have new caulk that would be worth using the guest bathroom for 3 days…

    SAJ says: You know… I don’t know about the caulking. I should ask Whoorl. They did theirs a while back. The caulking is still soft and dentable but I’ve been taking a shower in it a day after it was done. I’m hoping it hardens. Cross my fingers, stick a needle in my eye…

  • andrea

    So sorry to hear of the Alton nightmare. That would make me sad, but I could definitely imagine it happening, especially since I fall asleep watching Good Eats a few times a week.

    So nice to have your handy family relatively close by. They can fix things and keep you company all at the same time, what a bonus!

  • Nicole Iwawaki

    you should come visit the bay area and stay at hotel iwawaki next time your hubby is away…heck come visit the whole lot of you. the more the merrier is what i say!

  • Amanda

    The new banner is AWESOME! How is it that you’re able to capture the essence of Baby Bug so perfectly?! I love it!

    SAJ says: I hate to admit this… but um, I sorta trace a photo in illustrator and then delete the photo. I know! I’m a cheater! Ack!!!!

  • Chris

    I love your dress in the donut eating pick. Care you share its maker?


    SAJ says: the label says Kamellia by P.R. but I have no idea who that is. I bought it in some random little shop in Laguna Beach years ago. I love it to. It’s my magic dress. Whenever I feel fat I put it on and feel skinny.

  • Chris

    Erm, I can’t spell. Even contractions.

    Pick should be pic.

    Going to re-read my old English books now.

    SAJ says: Silly goose. I type that all the time. Everybody knows picks are pics. Or is it just me! hahahah. I was going to fix it for you (only because you were embarrassed) but your retraction is even cuter so I’m leaving it.

  • LVGurl

    I agree with Amanda! I can’t believe how much that caricature looks like Baby Bug!

    I love your cute tank in the second to last picture.

  • BeachMama

    I don’t like it when Hubby is away either. I do have two dogs to keep me company, but sometimes they freak me out more than being alone. Hope to find out you enjoyed having your family there and you had a great bday… gotta keep catching up.

    Love the banner too!