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What a day.

What a day. I don’t know what to write about first. I had a blog post all lined up in my head but then Toby’s desk exploded and I forgot everything. Maybe it will come back to me tomorrow.

mosaic made with flickr toys


  • Alissa

    The exploding table is very scary. Please contact Ikea to let them know as I’m sure they’d be very concerned. Thankfully Toby is ok.

  • Kuky

    Love the socks on hands, socks on feet picture.

    And wow really scary about the table. He didn’t have anything hot on it did he? Not like I know where I’m going with this. Thinking hot pyrex on stoves and hot boiling water in the microwave and yeah…don’t know where I’m going with this.

  • margalit

    How does a desk explode? Was that glass? I couldn’t figure it out, but oh man, it looked scary.

    And Bug… she is just too cute to be allowed out on the streets. Love the socks on the hands. She’s so stylish!

  • BeachMama

    Love the photos of Baby Bug. She is such a climber! We didn’t have that here, but I bet you the next one will do everything her brother didn’t do.

    What a shocker with Toby’s desk! Tempered glass does that sometimes all of a sudden the pressure is too much or it gets weak. Glad he is ok and that you and Baby Bug weren’t in the room. What a mess to clean up though. But think of the reorganizing you could do!

  • Lori

    I want to know about the new stroller. I’ve been eyeing the bugaboo forever and I thought maybe it would be a great stroller because it would be the only one I’d need. But now you’ve got a new stroller so I want to know what’s wrong with the bugaboo?

  • josephine

    yeah… that too! I just got an email from IKEA and it was NO HELP AT ALL!!!! I would post it but there’s some disclaimer about it being used against me if I do. What?!!!

  • Keely

    Love the pics of Baby Bug. Makes me even more excited to meet our “Monkey” sometime in the next 3 weeks.

    Sorry about the desk. So glad that everyone is OK. Sounds like yesterday was a rollercoaster!

  • Bethany

    Yikes, exploding glass is scary! Glad you’re all OK. I await the stroller post with bated breath. :-)

  • Patricia

    That was indeed frightning and dangerous with a small baby about! My friend manages the IKEA here in Trondheim (Norway) and would of course have connections to the headquarters in Sweden. Let me know if you don’t get anywhere with them there in the US and I will ask her about what to do here if you would like to persue it or take it further. They seem to have an attitude of resolution here about the littlest thing…I can’t imagine they would want to shrug off something like that when it was clearly something faulty with the glass. Thank goodness it wasn’t any worse! LOVE the photo collage!

  • aimee/greeblemonkey

    We must be two peas in a pod. I totally document our lives every day in photos too, so much that hubby says if Declan ever was abducted I just would ask the police – “Do you want the picture from 10am or 11am for the CHILD MISSING flyers???” :)

  • opsy Daisy

    My hubby is the asst mgr of a glass company and he said tempered glass shouldn’t do that should never break off so a shard of glass could get in someones arm. He said it was tempered properly and you should save the glass shards to show them how it broke because of defects.

    Thank God all of you are okay, with the exception of Toby’s arm. How scary!

  • Lin

    Yikes…Baby B is an absolute doll and is looking more and more like her Pa every day!

    Folks who bought our last house were lucky to escape without cuts and burns when the glass cooktop (Jennair) that was only a couple of years old exploded when she was cooking. Fortunately, everyone was out of the kitchen at that particular minute because glass shards went everywhere. I think Jennair got involved in the satisfactory resolution of that little issue. Sheesh…

  • alfredsmom

    WOw, she looks just like Toby is that bottom close up picture. (teehee- the close up pic on the bottom row. Not bottom close up. teehee)