• Moody Blues

    I should be sent to my room

    Wow. It’s been an ugly couple of days for me. I am so not proud of how I’ve handled myself. Not that I’ve shared it here but you can read between the lines (Or ask Toby). I guess I could blame it on pms but I hate using that as a cop out. I’m a better woman than that. I can handle my emotions…. sorta, except when people piss me off or I’m hungry or tired or …awake. I wonder why God made us cycle through this? I’m sure the hormones are doing more than just keeping the reproductive organs functioning. I bet it’s part of survival. Perhaps we need to be unhappy for spells so we are forced to make changes. I always come out on the other side of these things feeling like a better person. But it sure is sucky in the meantime. Ups and downs. Ups and downs… it’s just the way life is.

    I’m not doing so well without the camera. I didn’t realize how much I used it as a blogging tool. I almost said “crutch” but I don’t really view photography that negatively. I guess I just want to say, my hats off to you writerely bloggers. You have to summon up entertainment out of your own brain for every post. I just take pictures and let them tell me what to write.

    Life without a camera has been slowing me down as well as twitter. Twitter is great for me because I love writing in little 140 word blurbs but it also makes me feel incredibly boring sometimes. I mean how many times can I write that I’m eating a waffle or doing dishes? Snore. Snore. Snoresville.

    I’m thinking about going out to the sticks. I know I should stay home and do something for mother’s day but I know Toby has nothing planned and I don’t feel like planning something myself. My mother-in-law has an eating disorder (physical not mental) and so that crosses out going to brunch or anything like that. I should plan something nice like a boat ride or I have no idea. I’m soooooooo uninspired. I just want to bang my head on the counter.

    What am I doing? I told myself no more of this behavior that I’m ashamed of! Aaagh! Okay. Typing typing typing. I am a happy camper. The sun is shining. The dishes are done. If I don’t look too hard I don’t see the crud in the grout of my kitchen counter tiles. See! I swear my brain is wired wrong some days. Can’t finish a single paragraph without going down to the negs.

    I think I’ll just stop and say HAPPY WEEKEND and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY and aren’t you glad you aren’t hanging out with me lately! See you on the flip side with a smile on, I promise.