• Slow News Day

    another slow news day

    I picked these little baby roses and put them in a shot glass in my kitchen window because they smell so beautiful and my house smells rank. It’s not that bad, just you know… cats and a cat box and maybe I need to pour some bleach down the garbage disposal or something. The roses are sooooo pretty! Even prettier in real life. They make me happy every time I smell them or happen to glance over at their soft petals. I should pick flowers more often. I can’t take credit for growing them because I totally stole them from the neighbor’s front yard across the street. I don’t think they will miss them at all because their rose hedge is literally exploding with thousands of these little two inch rose buds. Thousands of them! It must be like heaven for them when they open their French doors and the fragrance wafts in. But I wouldn’t know. I’ve never met those neighbors.

    Hmm…. I don’t have much new news today. Have you seen my new banner? That’s what I did today. I know I should wait until June is officially here to put it up but I was sick of the old one. And… speaking of banners, I picked May’s free-give-away-banner winner and she didn’t respond! You know what that means… time to pick a new winner! So if you’re in the drawing, stay on top of your email.

    And now: Baby Bug! Because she matches the new banner (sort of) and without her you’d probably be falling asleep from boredom by now.