Newsbreaking Hair News

What is UP with my hair lately?

I grew my bangs out for this!!? I thought, “As soon as these pesky bangs get long enough to push behind my ears then I’ll be able to rest and look somewhat less shaggy.” Phooey! I look worse than ever and there is no hope of ever looking less shaggy because these are baby hairs growing out and sprouting in whatever direction they want. They will ALWAYS be there!

Toby says he likes this about my hair. It’s my “mojo,” he says. “What makes me me“. Whatever. I think hating my hair is what makes me me. It’s a constant battle and even though these pictures capture the wildness pretty accurately, they do not capture how bad I normally look. Because I don’t post pictures of how bad I normally look. Those pictures get DELETED.

So the clock is ticking. How long do you think I can go before I chop it all off again?


  • Bethany

    Wow. I think I clicked on your site just as you were loading the new banner (which is gorgeous)! I opened it in Firefox, but for some reason on my husband’s laptop the slideshows don’t work in Firefox, so when I saw there was a new slideshow I opened IE, and there was a new banner! So we’re both up late, though you on the west coast not so much as me on the east coast.

    I don’t think your hair looks so bad, but I know that won’t comfort you. It never makes me feel any better when people say that to me. Sorry your hair’s driving you nuts! You could always wear a baseball cap…

    SAJ says:Yeah… what are YOU doing up so late! Hah ahah… too much coffee over here. But I gotta! There is soooooo much to do!

  • margalit

    New banner is GORGEOUS. LOVE IT. It works great in firefox now.

    I like your hair. It’s very “you”. If you don’t like the flyaway part of it (which I do), get yourself a ceramic flatiron. they’re like $12 in the drug store, and straighten them. They’ll be at least an inch longer and you can then put them back into place. But again, I like them!

    I have baby hairs too, as does my daughter, and we both are constantly whining about them. Mine get really curly in the summer so it looks like I have corkscrews sticking up all over my head. Hence the straightener. works wonders.

    SAJ says: Sigh…. I have a flat iron. A $100 one I bought back in the day when I was a big fat sucker. I could dig it out. I guess I shouldn’t complain if I refuse to do anything about my hair.

  • Kuky

    Ok I’m a total SPAZ. I didn’t even see your new banner until I read the first comment! I adore it. I think it captures baby bug’s wiggles perfectly. Oh yes and her smooshing into small spaces. And it totally knocked out of my head whatever I was originally going to write. :-D

    SAJ says: blush, thanks!

  • BeachMama

    Love the new banner!

    And can I say, THANK GOODNESS. I thought I was the only one with freaky hair. All these years I wondered why I had to have all these little baby hairs hanging around. It isn’t a problem when I wear my hair down, but throw it up in a tail and I look like eek the freak! I try to spray them if I intend to wear my hair up, but it bugs me so much that I usually just wear it down.

    Glad to know I am not alone :).

    SAJ says: Get your FREAK on! I think we should just embrace our freakiness and start a new trend.

  • ms. sizzle

    i have no hair restraint. i always chop it all off. you are a lucky one- you look good with your hair long or short. :)

    SAJ says:I love having short hair… but unfortunately Toby likes long hair. Sometimes I ignore him. Sometimes I humor him.

  • Anonymous

    Quick! You need to purchase a flat iron! Couldn’t live without mine. My bangs have a mind of their own, especially when it is misty out. I wish flat irons existed when I was in high school. I would of avoided a lot of bad bang days.

  • DeeJay

    I tried growing my bangs out too and got them just past my eyes and chopped them. I don’t look good without them and they were always blocking my view…so they had to go.

    I predict that once they start tickling your eye lashes you’ll grab the scissors and do the deed!

  • whoorl

    when i get home, i’m tying you down and putting just a teeny bit of product in those bangs. i don’t care if you are kicking and screaming! :)

    SAJ says:Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer

    Oohhh…. The pictures I could post of my crazy babyhairs. But instead I just refuse to allow myself to be photographed most of the time. Somehow yours look cuter than mine. I especially like the curled up one on the right side of your face… it’s sweet.

  • Angella

    You crack me up! Take Whoorl up on her offer, though. I would DIE without hair product. It would be scary if I went out in public without product in my hair. *shudder*

  • bluejaye

    I remember once you told me you always liked your hair. I finally gave up. I hated the pony tail I wore for years. So, I decided if I was only going to spend 2 minutes on my hair I needed a 2 minutes hair cut. Now I can comb it and go, it dries fast now.
    As for the whispies… Thank God you have new hair coming in that isn’t all grey!!!
    And just plain getting new hair.

    The frump factor seems to rule us moms.

    SAJ says: Ah yes. I am full of contradictions. On the whole, I do like my hair. I hardly ever don’t like a haircut I’ve gotten. In fact, there was only one haircut I didn’t like. The shag. I should find the link somewhere… it was horrid. But then I fixed it in Paris and that was divine! But on a day to day, minute to minute basis… I have a love hate relationship with my hair.

  • MomnPop

    I love the new banner too! I liked the last one a lot, but change is good.

    I can relate to the hair woes. Don’t know what I did before the flat iron days. Now instead curly and freaky, I’m dry and frazzled though. Can’t win. I agree though, you’re lucky you can pull off short hair. Last time I tried (when I was 14) I got really sick of old men at bus stops asking me if I was a boy or girl. Not the best feeling when you’re in the midst puberty!

    Anyway, it’s really cute how much your hair looks like your self-portrait illustrations.

  • Amanda

    I love how your nose is resting on the spy-cam in that one pic. You are too funny.
    I think no woman is ever truly content with her hair. If it’s curly, she wishes it were straight, and so on and so on.
    I like your hair, for the record, wispies and all. It’s a nice natural colour. :)

  • D

    Hey, SAJ! All that hype about your hair being thick and luscious during pregnancy and then — dumdumdum!!!!!! — no publicity at all for when it all falls out and clogs up your sinks and drains and you feel like you’re going bald. And THEN, if that wasn’t the worst of it, at least with me, all the sprouty little baby hairs! And THEN !!!!! The pubic hair side burns!!!! HELLOOOOOO!!!!! WTF did I do in my past life to deserve PHSBs????????? The only thing that works is a flatiron — and who has the time for that???? And now….NOW!!!! I’m going gray! Ay, Dios mio! I give up! BTW — you look fabulous! Toby’s right! It makes you, YOU!

  • Alissa

    I was also going to suggest a little product. I imagine you’ve got little time and I would guess that irons are not a quickie solution. By the way I can’t see a new banner. Isn’t it the one with you and BB outside with a ball and guitar? I’ve never read anything about your guitar playing.

  • Jennifer

    UGH, the hair. You hide your bad hair well. I never knew you struggled. I hate my hair. I never know what to do with it. I hate the feeling of it on my face so no matter how I have it styled I eventually just end up putting a clip in it to get it off my face. One day I hope to walk into a salon for a makeover and the hairstylist magically knows the perfect haircut for me. Hope you and your hair can get along soon :)

    Love the new banner.

  • Maria

    I love the new banner, Brenda! Very springy. Plus I’m on a pink kick — so it’s nice to see bright colours.

    As for the hair thing – well, I say go for a haircut to see what happens. Worst case scenario is never that bad since hair always grows back. That said, I’ve been avoiding a haircut for weeks now. I want to be able to put it up when I go for a jog or lie out and read.

    So, really I have no suggestion. Just sympathy.

  • familymclean

    Your hair looks like mine! After reading all the other commentators with hair like ours, I no longer feel alone, and I agree we should all get our FREAK on and embrace it…..I’ll just do it in the closet where there are no cameras though!

    Oh, and love the new banner, though I must admit I also didn’t notice till I read the first comment, I was distracted by your beautiful wisps!

  • Donna

    I loved you with short hair…I remember when I first met you…the day I came to work at the direct mail factory. You had just gotten married and had just returned from your honeymoon. You looked so hip and cute with that little haircut!

  • The Chatty Housewife

    I love the colors in the banner. It’s pretty.

    As for hair, you should see mine right now. Sticking out all over the place with a large sized halo of frizz and fuzz. It is also down to my waist. It is usually full of gel and curls, but at home I just let it go sometimes.

  • Angella

    Oh – I can FINALLY see the new banner! I’m such a computer dummy sometimes. I LOVE IT! Like you could ever make a bad one, but still! It’s awesome!

  • Emily

    I *just* had this same issue, and I chopped it all off this weekend. You are adorable, even with the fly away hair. And I love the new banner! Can I enter 10 more times for the may contest?

  • Jenifer

    Wait, be patient, the growing out is worth it. The transition is a NIGHTMARE to live with but in a couple of weeks you’ll be able to tuck it by the ears or use bobby pins to keep it out of your eyes.

  • Meggan

    My hair is curly/crazy. I have those same little stray hairs but I call them troll whispys.

  • Clownfish

    Banner – Nice, the flowers give it a Hawaiian feel.
    Your Hair – I give you until the end of May (when summer starts to kick in)
    My Hair – It’s been a long time but I’m thinking flat-top
    Big News – Yesterday, I got a new niece! I’m an Uncle for the 18th time!!!
    (ps – You pull off short hair very nicely)

  • Jessica

    Personally, I think you look maaahvelous… But that’s just me. I chopped my hair off recently (it wasn’t a chopping I had planned…see post
    ) Anywho…It turns out bad hair really DOES happen to good people, I never believed that until last month. Like I said, I think you look fab. But with that being said, I’m sure living down by the water doesn’t help those baby flyaways much, ya know?? slick em… That might work for you… Talk to Whoorl. She’ll SO know what to do. :) Maybe she can put lip gloss in your hair :D