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    Get Your Kicks in the Sticks

    I feel sooooo much better. I’m out in the sticks. I’m borrowing my Dad’s camera and I’m taking pictures! I’d be on top of the world except I dumped my full latte in the garden while trying to rescue Baby Bug from some tall itchy weeds. I set it on my mom’s split rail fence and then proceeded to bump it with my big clumsy leg as I tried to hoist myself and Baby Bug over the fence. Of course it dumped upside down AND the lid fell off. I was almost tempted to get down with the dogs and lap it up. We are going to have some very hyper dogs later. Blasted clumsiness.

    My sister-in-law quit her job today at the big-box-hardware store. I’m so happy for her. It was and is a scary thing to do. No more health insurance. But you gotta draw the line somewhere. She was a garden cashier and they were running her ragged with horrible hours. It just seemed like they didn’t care. She’s so smart, I’m sure she’ll find a new job in no time but today we are not going to think about that. We are just going to soak up the sun and hang out with the kids in the garden.

    There’s lots to do out here and the weather is divine.