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    Child Care Family Style

    The sticks have been just what I needed. Usually, the clutter and chaos of “camp chaos” drives me crazy but this time it’s been very pleasant. Ever since I decided not to try and fix everything, I’m much more mellow when I’m out here. Maybe even too mellow. I don’t help around the house like I used to. The dishes pile up, dinner doesn’t get made until the kids start whining, the laundry is so thick you have to kick yourself a path just to get down the hallway but that’s just how it is. I’m okay with it.

    The perks of camp chaos is that there is always somebody around who loves Baby Bug and will keep a third eyeball on her for me. I don’t need to worry about her wandering off. If Grandma isn’t gardening with her then Auntie CC is swinging with her in the hammock. If she’s out in the yard, her cousins are playing with her. And if they leave her alone for a minute, then the dogs are watching out for her.

    A lot of times I worry about her playing with dogs or bigger kids. They might pick her up and then fall with her or turn around too quickly and knock her off her feet, or whap her with their giant wagging tail. But the niece-com-poops are remarkably good with her. Or maybe they’ve just learned that Auntie can and will yell at them if Baby Bug so much as peeps. They play ball with her and take her for drives in their Barbie jeep. It’s been really nice. It’s like having eight babysitters all working for you at the same time.

    I think it’s also nice because Spring is probably the most beautiful time of the year out here. Everything is green and pretty and the temperature is pretty much perfect all day long. I love going out in the mornings and walking through the dewy grass. I love sitting in a sun beam and warming up with a steamy cup of coffee. I love watching Baby Bug explore every weed, twig and rock. She loves being outside here. At home I can’t really let her play outside. Our porch is our yard and it’s on the second story with a steep drop onto concrete below. We don’t have gardens or yards of grass to run in. It’s just streets and sidewalks and well the park and the beach of course. Which are really really nice but there’s something fun about a big wrap around yard to play in.

    Earlier, Baby Bug was fussing and I couldn’t figure out what she wanted. She wasn’t hungry, she wasn’t tired. What could it be? Then somebody said Grandma was outside in the garden and that was it for Baby Bug. “SIDE! SIDE! SIDE!” she shouts, pointing towards the door. So outside we go and then all was right with the world again.

    I was also able to go to my Aunt’s house today and let her babysit Baby Bug while I got a lot of work done. I was so stressed out about the babysitter situation at home, thinking I’d never be able to work again now that I’ve gone and let my only babysitter go. But I have a lot of family out here who beg me to leave Baby Bug with them. The great thing is Baby Bug seems to like being left with them. She doesn’t cry and cling to me as if I’m going to leave her forever and put her up for adoption or something. I was beginning to think there was something wrong with her, maybe I coddle her too much and she’ll never learn to be okay with others besides me. But I don’t think so now. She goes to all of her aunts and my mom so willingly. She’s very social and outgoing here. Maybe she’s just a family girl. That’s okay. She knows who loves her.