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    cookie points

    I had a good day today. You know what I think it is? I think I’m slowly forcing myself to turn into a night person. I wake up at the crack of dawn (because that’s when the baby wakes up) and I feel like a sloth. My eyes are scratchy and bloodshot and I just want to lay down on the couch all day. This is not like me. I’m usually a whirlwind of activity in the morning. So I’ve been thinking there is something wrong. But there isn’t. I’m just tired, like I should be. Duh.

    That’s what I get when you staying up three hours past my normal bedtime every night for months on end. No matter, nothing is going to change any time soon. Night time is the only time I have to do things for me. Since I’m such a selfish person that I am, I’m going to rob from my sleep bank in order to fill up my creativity bank. Like I always say (which probably drives my God-fearing Christian relatives crazy), “You can sleep when your dead.”

    Today is a good day because I embraced my momliness and baked cookies! Wooo Hooo! Cookie dough! I wore an apron and everything. I never bake. I’m just not the baking-cooking type. I cook dinner every night but not because I want to. I do it because it’s cheaper and healthier and Toby forces me to. You’d think I’d love being creative in the kitchen, trying out new foods and making up my own recipes, but I don’t. I’m a horrible cook. I like reading cooking magazines and watching cooking shows but that’s about it.

    Today was different though. I’ve been inspired to jump into what I perceive as a “negative” (like not being allowed to play on my laptop because I have to keep both eyes on Baby Bug all the time so she won’t kill herself by falling off the back of the couch) and make this negative a positive. So, I can’t make things on my computer but I can make cookies and score major domestic goddess points with Toby. That’s not too shabby since I’ve been in the doghouse a lot lately.

    It was great. The whole house filled up with that lovely fresh cookie scent and when I took Toby three hot steamy cookies on a folded paper towel, I thought he was going to explode from smiling. It really is true that you can win a man’s heart through his stomach. I’m almost convinced I should make cookies every day. Except then he’ll whine and complain about there not being any cookies in the house on those days that I happen to forget. I can’t set myself up for that kind of failure. But they were pretty easy to make, so I’ll save that idea for some day that I go into overdraft with the checking account or something.

    Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say that a productive mom is a happy mom…even if she can’t make stuff on her computer. And a happy mom is even happier when she drinks more coffee and she can stay up late and make fun monsters like this:

    Hee Hee! I love making fun graphics for people who go completely nuts over them.