Moody Blues

lame sad post

Here’s a picture I took a while ago. It looks like one I could have taken tonight (if those pajamas on Baby Bug weren’t in the laundry already). The light was nice at sunset and I found myself thinking, “I better grab the camera…” but then I remembered it’s sandy death yesterday and it made me sad.

I’m also feeling dull and sad and not very bloggeriffic. So if you’re here for a pick-me-up, you might as well stop reading and check back tomorrow. I’m mostly bummed because I am on the flip side of an all-night-black-tea-caffeine-high and I have a mountain of work still to do tonight. Ugh.

Another thing that is bothering me is that I don’t I think the babysitter situation is working out. There is nothing wrong with the babysitter (if you’re reading this Miss Mocha, have no fear, it is not you). It’s a bunch of things. I’m just not very good at scheduling Baby Bug’s naps. When the babysitter gets here, Baby Bug is still clinging to me and carrying on something terrible which makes it impossible to work. I think it is easier for me to just stay up super late every night and try to squeeze work in during her naps. I think I just need to wait a year. Maybe it’s me. Some of my friends make fun of me but I’m going to ignore them and trust my gut.

I wish I knew how to turn the comments off on this post but I don’t. So if you have a brilliant suggestion on how to fix my babysitter situation, just save it. I don’t think I can take any more well wishing suggestions right now. I know. I’m sorry. I suck. I shouldn’t even be blogging about this if I’m not willing to talk about it but it’s one of those things that is clogging my creativity valve. If I don’t blog about it then I have nothing.

I’m just sad and out of sorts. I’ll be better soon. It’s not like I have cancer and I’m dying or anything. Besides the ups aren’t half as fun if you don’t have the lows to compare them to.


  • Bethany

    No suggestions here, just commiseration. I am sorry the baby-sitting situation isn’t working out. We’ve never left A. with anyone but Grandmas or good friends, and that only a handful of times. Some of our friends make fun of us, too, so you’re not the only one. I hope blogging about it helps you feel better.

  • Kuky

    I’m sorry you’re down. No suggestions but you can tell your friends to make fun of me instead. My baby has never had anyone take care of her but us, no babysitters, friends, or grandparents.

  • familymclean

    It is midnight here and I found that this is the time that works for me, my creative streak comes out at night, the house is finally quiet. Caffine is a great friend come the morning however!
    The babysitter thing, ya, well…(ack, I know, you would rather no comments but), I couln’t do it, so Dave and I take turns going out or getting the kids outta each others hair. Do what works, right?!

  • Jennifer

    Wow. So that is what SAJ looked like as a baby.

    I am sure that I have seen that exact same expression on your face in a few pictures around here. Isn’t it funny that babies tend to inherit our nose and eyes and that funny expression that you make when you have no clue why someone would want to take a picture of you?

  • Heather

    Trust your gut. People are always telling me to hire a babysitter, but I just don’t feel right doing it right now. I will one day, just not now. Momma knows best.

  • Angella

    Why would you close comments? That’s what we’re here for dude :)

    We ALL have those days – and you’re not alone! Hope today is better :)

  • silver

    I know how it is about not wanting nap/babysitter advice. My baby is only 3 weeks old and people are already telling me to put him on a schedule. It makes me want to stick my fingers in my ears and go “la-la-la-la-la I can’t hear you!”

  • Jennifer

    Hope your spirits are up soon. I understand the whole babysitter situation. I’ve never had anyone watch my girls, other than my mom. I’ve been really tired and cranky lately and could use a good nap everyday. My mom comes by to watch the girls so I can rest, but the minute I hear one of them fuss I want to run into the livingroom and see what the problem is.

  • Carrie

    Totally understand how you feel about not wanting advice. I just about went ballistic yesterday when I got an LJ comment about how horrible it was that I was putting sugar in Erik’s milk to try to wean him. Why do people feel they have to make comments like that? We’re all just doing the best we can.

  • Margie

    Can I just commiserate about the woe that is being without your camera? For a long time I was totally attached to my Minolta Maxxum 35-mm SLR, and when it broke (or rather when I couldn’t get it un-stuck from manual mode and didn’t want to send it away to spend who knows what to be fixed), I was heartbroken. I think I had to grieve for a while before I’d consider getting another camera, and took disposables on vacation last summer.

    And then? I got a digital SLR with 10x zoom at the “Black Friday” sales. Probably a stupid thing to do, since I haven’t done any research, but I’m so happy once again to have a camera that can be a quick auto-focus for times when I have to hurry before the picture’s gone, and other times can be all artsy with just the right number of settings that I can master it. Except for the time I accidentally got the language set to Hebrew, and didn’t know what settings I was changing, but was hoping that sooner or later I’d pick something I recognized!

    So anyway, I can definitely relate to feeling lost without the camera.

  • ~aj~

    I promise not to comment. I’ll just leave you a bunch of x’s and o’s instead. Enjoy your weekend!


  • BeachMama

    We don’t do the babysitter thing here either. Only Grandma (my mom) and Auntie, sometimes it sucks but you do what you feel is right.

    Wishing you a working camera very soon.

  • Lola

    Well, let me tell you abuot the utmost joy my 3 year old daughter had as she opened her Sludgie mail. She was thoroughly delighted and calls the Sludgie her “green thing.”

    I too am delighted and would like to say thank you for putting all that time and energy into creating the Sludgie experience. I can’t believe how much time you put into it. It made both my day and my daughter’s.

  • Alexa

    Girl..your not alone. My Son was born 1/20/06, so whenever I read your blog I love to see the comparisons. If it makes you feel better Andrew is pretty much the same and today..boy ..I am unsure what was more fun the tantrum or the blueberry poopie diaper?. My DH is in the military so that means we don’t live near ANYBODY..and I have yet to find a sitter. Not to bring you down, but I totally understand ;=)

  • Oopsy Daisy

    Things could always be worse. You could have panctreatic cancer like that guy who quit his job and went through his lifes savings, only to find out that the diagnosis was incorrect and he didn’t have cancer. What did he do? He got mad and is suing the dr. He would rather have cancer and be dying? What????

    We all have blah days occasionaly and while I hope your blahs go away soon, it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one that gets the blahs sometimes. Hang in there happy camper! You’ll be fine once you get a camera in your hands again.

  • Oopsy Daisy

    And by the way, I just can’t get over how much Baby Bug looks like Toby. Every day she looks more and more like him. It’s a good thing he is good looking. :-)

  • lynne

    I think she looks like you too, especially around the eyes. Aren’t kids a curious, genetic mix of both their parents and just themselves.

    I hope your feeling more up than when you first posted, but if not here’s a quote I use, orgianally filched from the film Heathers I think. ” If I was meant to be happy every day, I’d be a game show host”.