raving lunatic rant

the spy cam broke, it’s the end of the world.

It’s a good thing I take about a hundred pictures a day because my spy cam officially broke (again) today. Have no fear, blog posts will not stray from their official saj format. I have a bazillion archived photos (wind up the way-back machine: wedding photos! high school photos!) to keep things interesting. I also have a bazillion Baby Bug photos that I have not shared yet. And if that doesn’t work, I can break out the pencil and paper and sketch something. So don’t worry. Everything is going to be okay, blogwise.

I, on the other hand, am going to go through extreme withdrawals. We can’t buy a new camera until the model we want comes out. It is supposed to be out in May but May is here and it is not. (Ignore amazon, they have no clue). I might be able to convince my Dad to lend me his but I won’t see him for a week. So I’m just going to have to sit tight without a camera for a week. A week!

It’s going to be tricky. I use my camera so much, it’s an extension of me. It’s always in my purse (which is why it broke… stupid sand) or on the counter where I can grab it and record every single moment. What will I do if Baby Bug makes a sentence and I have no way to record it. Hmmm… I guess I could dig out the dusty old video camera. Or my old lomo. Do they sell film any more? (Just kidding.)

Isn’t it crazy how much digital photography has changed our lives? I wonder if Baby Bug will remember more of her youth because I have literally recorded every single day of her life? Or will all these thousands of pictures get lost somewhere somewhere along the information highway? Whether it’s blogs going down or hard drives crashing or simply just not archiving properly. Things always get lost from one upgrade to the next. I wonder how difficult it will be for people in the future to find us here in the past. Will flickr come through and save us all?


  • BeachMama

    Oh tragedy!! That would be like having no internet for a week.

    I get a little nervous about losing digital phots so I do a lot of back up stuff. But, like everything, nothing is guaranteed. I take lots of pictures, or so I thought until I saw how many you take, and it’s great, but I think it is time for me to start making some photo books. I did it last Christmas for my Mom and FIL and it was great, so I am thinking I should do some for me so I actually don’t have to power up the computer to look at them.

    I hope your new camera comes out soon, it looks nice and fancy.

  • sparkliesunshine

    Oh no! I’m sorry to hear about your camera braking. Boo. That new one you are waiting for looks really neat! Hopefully it will be out soon. :)

    I would try using the old video camera if it still works. That way you can have at least some footage if newness occurs. Thank goodness for blogs and Twitter so you can at least get some record of what happens. Good luck waiting for your Dad’s camera!

  • Jenifer

    I’m glad you’re going to be able to post, I was concerned about your camera situation last night. I think it was the night for all things electronic to go haywire. After you twittered about your camera, my beautiful grey baby PC started to act up. I was about in tears and B was frustrated as hell trying to find out what was wrong, why the start bar wouldn’t work and where did my session manager wander off to?? Thankfully, it was Bill Gates fault because one of his many Windows Updates was the culprit. This morning everything is fine.

    You’ll get your new camera soon enough and you’ll be more in love with it than ever.

  • LVGurl

    The camera looks like it’s going to take off and fly somewhere!

    I received a new SLR for my bday. I thought I took 100,000,000 pictures before that. Nu-uh. I take 100,000,000,000 now. Something happens when you get a great new camera. What the heck did we all do when we were limited to old fashioned film? Only 36 pictures, and we couldn’t even preview them!

    In the meantime, I look forward to some old high school shots! Yay!

  • bluejaye

    I love the perspective of the crayon. The picture almost looks 3-D.
    Doesn’t Georgie have an extra camera. It seemed like he had at least 3 when he was here last. Could hold you over?

  • Dawn

    Off to check out the new camera…….but, I need to know what a sticky rice ball is!?

    SAJ says: hee hee… it’s sticky white rice made in a rice cooker, left out overnight and then the next morning you get your hands wet, sprinkle them with salt and roll up a ball in your hands. Pop it in your mouth or dunk it in soy sauce. Delicious! Kinda like sushi without the raw fish or sea weed.

  • Gramma

    In Japan sticky rice balls are called: “Taste of Mother” because a mother would dampen her hands, sprinkle them with salt, roll the cold rice into balls. This was her going away gift of lunch for her travelling son.

  • OMSH

    She will totally remember twirling.
    I will totally remember her 1st birthday.
    I think it is fabulous that our children’s lives are recorded in digital media.
    Now if I can just get them PRINTED from time to time! HA!

  • little miss mel

    we lost our little rinky dink kodak and was super bummed to miss out on the easy video taking feature. new sweet ass camera doesn’t take video….as far as I know.

    hope you can get back on the spycam wagon soon!

  • opsy Daisy

    I would be lost without my camera. I feel your pain.

    Do you know how many of us are going to go and buy that camera because you posted a link to it, all in hopes that we will be able to take pictures even half as good as yours? All I have to say is Cannon should comp you and give you a free camera.

    SAJ says: I wish! Unfortunately I don’t think Canon is like that.

  • thevelveteentoad

    This particular photo of Baby Bug is my absolute FAVORITE of all the ones I have ever seen of her. Adorable. Like mother like daughter.

  • thevelveteentoad

    Hmmm…I actually wrote her real name but it translated to Baby Bug instead!

    SAJ says: Yeah, sorry. I try to keep her real name out googlebots way if I can. I hope you don’t mind me editing.

  • lynne

    Your site inspired me to buy a decent camera and take loads of photos, unfortunately it broke 3 weeks after I bought it in the states when I was in the middle of a family vacation in the Rockies (10 people and 2 dogs aged 90-9 all in one mini van) and I had to wait for months for it to be mended. I moved six weeks ago and its in one of the unpacked boxes which will be opened, goodness knows when. I’m feeling sad today too and angry as the realisation, I work too hard, too long and for far too little pay, so let’s be sad together.

  • Sheryl

    Sorry about your camera.

    God I feel so guilty, I hardly ever take pics of my kids. They’ll grow up to be sociopaths now, I know it!