the spy cam broke, it’s the end of the world.

It’s a good thing I take about a hundred pictures a day because my spy cam officially broke (again) today. Have no fear, blog posts will not stray from their official saj format. I have a bazillion archived photos (wind up the way-back machine: wedding photos! high school photos!) to keep things interesting. I also have a bazillion Baby Bug photos that I have not shared yet. And if that doesn’t work, I can break out the pencil and paper and sketch something. So don’t worry. Everything is going to be okay, blogwise.

I, on the other hand, am going to go through extreme withdrawals. We can’t buy a new camera until the model we want comes out. It is supposed to be out in May but May is here and it is not. (Ignore amazon, they have no clue). I might be able to convince my Dad to lend me his but I won’t see him for a week. So I’m just going to have to sit tight without a camera for a week. A week!

It’s going to be tricky. I use my camera so much, it’s an extension of me. It’s always in my purse (which is why it broke… stupid sand) or on the counter where I can grab it and record every single moment. What will I do if Baby Bug makes a sentence and I have no way to record it. Hmmm… I guess I could dig out the dusty old video camera. Or my old lomo. Do they sell film any more? (Just kidding.)

Isn’t it crazy how much digital photography has changed our lives? I wonder if Baby Bug will remember more of her youth because I have literally recorded every single day of her life? Or will all these thousands of pictures get lost somewhere somewhere along the information highway? Whether it’s blogs going down or hard drives crashing or simply just not archiving properly. Things always get lost from one upgrade to the next. I wonder how difficult it will be for people in the future to find us here in the past. Will flickr come through and save us all?