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Happy Ten Years! CC and Cupcake

When my brother and my sister-in-law got married, they didn’t have a nice big wedding like my whole family expected. There wasn’t a cake or a white dress or a fancy dinner. In fact, my parents weren’t even in town! Nobody had a clue. One day my brother just said to Heather, “Let’s get married.” She shrugged and said, “Okay.” So they hopped in my brother’s little white car, drove to the next town, signed on the dotted line and lah-ti-dah! they were married. Then they went out to dinner at Red Robin. Maybe they had a brownie sundae to celebrate. I don’t know.

As you can imagine, it was a huge scandal in my very large and very close knit family. Shawn got married! Not only did he skip town and not inform anybody of his plans, he also married a girl he had only known for a MONTH!!! Of course we all predicted doom and gloom. How could he possibly know what he’s doing. This is the kid who can’t leave a parking lot without leaving two tracks of hot rubber. We thought sure, they would never last.

That was ten years ago. They’re still married.

Marrying Heather was the smartest thing my brother has EVER done. I can’t say it was the smartest thing Heather has ever done but we are sure blessed to have her in this family. She holds us together. I don’t know what we would do without her.

Speaking of holding us together, do you know who planned and cooked every single dish for the super-fun, blow-out fiesta they threw in my mom’s front yard for more than 100 people this last Saturday? Yep, Heather. My super sister-in-law. That’s her in the fancy dress and the very cute lime green apron (that I bought her). She’s amazing.

Just like every party we ever put on, I thought we wouldn’t be able to pull this one off. I thought it was a very bad idea from the get-go. How can they be making food for 100 people when funds are so tight? Their phones don’t even work right now because they haven’t been able to pay the bill. And what about my mom’s half acre yard that is full of weeds and needs be mowed and what about her falling down mobile home that needs to be bulldozed? How can we possibly get everything ready? I was having heart attacks from worry, as usual.

But just like every other time, Heather was very sure that everything would come out just fine. And if it wasn’t perfect, that was fine too. Everything always works out. Other than having to quit her job because they scheduled her to work 40 hours when she requested time off in order to cook for her own anniversary party, everything went very smoothly. Smoother than usual in fact.

It was a lovely party. The weather was perfect. The food was delicious. I always forget that May is the perfect time of year to be outdoors and celebrating. There aren’t any bugs yet but it’s still warm enough to stay out until the sun goes down. It was great. Do you get sick of me always talking about how great everything is? Usually, I’m glossing over those little things that aren’t so great but this time I’m not glossing. It really was neat. I’m so proud of my brother and his adorable wife.

And speaking of adorable, guess who was the life of the party? Baby Bug of course. No post is complete without at least a little mention of my kid. As you can see, the sidewalk chalk was a big hit. I think she conned just about everybody into “cur”ing (coloring) with her. That’s my little artist bug.


  • jo

    Am i first?! heehee… thanks for showing us all the pictures, ur family is beautiful. I especially love the photo of u and ur dad…. :)

    this post just left me all warm and fuzzy inside… thank you!

    SAJ says: That’s my Grandpa! My Dad is the reddish headed guy pushing my Grandpa in the wheel chair. My Grandpa will be so flattered!

  • BeachMama

    Jo said it right in the first comment. That was a very warm and fuzzy post. I can see how much you look like your Dad. And I think it is just wonderful that despite the lack of funds your Brother and Sister in Law got to have their Anniversary party. Things always seem to work out when you need them to the most.

    What a wonderful party.

  • jo

    oops!! your dad looks really young! And ur grandpa is adorable!

    thanks for sharing this story of love and hope with us. :)

  • Jennifer

    Heather should start advertising her party planning services! Then she won’t have to find a job at some other big box store. It looks like it was so much fun!

  • Meghan

    She had to quit her job?! I just can’t get over that fact, that an employer would be so inflexible they would force an employee to quit. Ouch! Still, I think she made the right decision, it looks like you all had a wonderful time. Heather’s right, everything happens for a reason, and it all works out like it should.

    Happy Anniversary Shawn and Heather!!!

  • Jenifer

    Yay for parties and elopements! I want to elope so badly…no big frou-frou wedding, nada! I’m glad that they knew that they were meant to be together, life works out like that sometimes. My parents dated for three months and have been married for 37 years, come August. I so want to be like them when I grow up.

    Also, tell Baby Bug that I’ll come cur with after we eat some nana!

  • gretchen

    Happy Anniversary Shawn and Heather!

    My husband and I are getting out of town without the kids this weekend to celebrate our 10th. I have to take issue with your statement “I always forget that May is the perfect time of year to be outdoors and celebrating.” Here in Ohio, it is always raining in May. We planned an outdoor wedding that had to be moved indoors. But it was still perfect.

  • Little Sister

    You really captured the moments from the party! …Minus the boys driving the pink Malibu Barbie jeep into the chalk artists! I’m glad you, Baby Bug and her daddy could be there all together! I still laugh when I think of her not giving up on Uncle Dave until she got him to draw too :-D

  • Kedge

    You had me laughing out loud!! We’ve always known that marrying Heather was the best thing that Shawn has ever done in his whole life. Yes, he scared us to death by marrying a COMPLETE stranger. Yes, he was bewildered why we were annoyed at him for eloping. (DUH! a family that loves parties?) Yes, we were certain that she would bail in a year. We are all so proud of her, thankful for her, that she stays, that she loves Shawn, that she puts up with us. I love you Heather.

  • Carrie

    I’m so glad she got to have her party! Also, it is so wonderful to see you with your family. You look so happy. I’m so glad the rift has healed. All hail the power of baby!

  • Oopsy Daisy

    Congrats to CC and Cupcake! It looks like a wonderful party and I am not a bit suprised that Baby Bug was the life of the party. CC and Cupcake look like such a nice couple and their daughters are absolutely adorable!

  • Amy

    Congrats to Heather and Shawn on the 10th year. Sometimes you just get it SO right. As a fellow elopee’ I am completely happy for them :) (15 big ones early next month for us..)