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    sketchbook catch-up vol. 10: ho hum


    My sketchbook is very boring right now. For that matter my life is very boring right now but that is not necessarily a bad thing. While bad things make great blog posts and great stories, they make terrible days and I love not having terrible days.

    Pretty much the news is there is no news! We spend a lot of time at the pool and when I’m not watching Bug splash around (still not swimming) I’m working. Workety work work.


    More news from the pool. It sure was nice having the nieces around. They’re visiting this weekend too so I’ll probably have even more pool sketches for next week. I could probably write a whole novel on my apartment complex neighbors but I’ll save that for old age.


    Oh yeah, the mud park. Totally old news.


    And even more non-news. Ho hum. Aren’t you glad you stopped by here today?