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    Happy Cup! French Pressed and Reviewed

    Happy Cup Coffee

    It’s coffee review time! Secret Agent Josephine here, reporting for duty. If there is a coffee to be reviewed, I shall review it!

    It’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it.

    Today I am reviewing Happy Cup Coffee from Portland, specifically their Morning Madness blend. Also I’m going to French Press it so if you’re someone like me who had to google how to use a French Press maybe this post will help you.

    First of all I love their company name. I know my coffee cup always makes me happy. It also makes me happy that they have a great logo and lovely packaging design. I always judge packaging. It does make a difference. I honestly think that coffee tastes better when it comes out of a sharp looking bag and gets poured into my favorite cup. I’m very particular about these things.

    Morning Madness

    The second thing that makes Happy Cup Coffee special is that they hire special people to help them roast it. And by special people I mean people with disabilities. How cool is that? This bag you see right here was packaged by Alec. I didn’t really expose the photo well so you can’t see his name stamped on the bag but it’s there. I like that personal touch.

    Happy people work at Happy Cup Coffee

    I don’t know who Alec is but I’m hoping it’s that super smiley guy they have a picture of in their brochure.


    Now let’s get down to business and review the actual coffee. The beans they sent to me were not as dark and oily as I usually like mine but I realize not everyone likes their coffee super burnt like I do. Moving on…


    It smelled delicious when I ground it up. Mmmmmm!

    Bethany's trick

    Since I’m sharing step-by-step photos I figured I might as well include this tip that I learned from Bethany. Basting brushes work great for sweeping out those clingy bits of ground up coffee. It might seem like a fiddly extra step but since I’ve been doing this, my coffee grinding area and the cupboard where I keep all my coffee supplies is so much cleaner!

    4 tablespoons

    Four heaping tablespoons into my French Press…

    add hot water

    Fill with hot boiling water.


    Stir lightly to make sure all the grounds get soaked evenly.

    let sit for four minutes

    Steep for four (FOUR! no more, no less) minutes.


    Press down gently with both hands. Of course I can’t show you both hands because I’m always holding my camera with one hand. This is all sorts of awkward but my photography assistant was off playing with Pink Kitty and not available, as usual.

    add cream

    Then it’s ready to be sweetened in your usual manner. My usual manner is a swirl of sweetened condensed milk. (Though lately I’ve moved back to my usual glurg of half and half and a pinch of sugar. The sweetened condensed milk was getting too sweet for me.)


    Time to taste! (I think my ugly face might have ruined this review. Please try to ignore.)

    Result: A bit on the acidic side with a berry twinge but DELICIOUS! I think I should move to Portland.

    Oh right, it rains all the time. Nevermind.

    Happy Cup Shirt!

    So guess what! Happy Cup wants to make you happy too! Happy Happy Joy Joy!

    Comment below with your two cents on what makes your favorite coffee great and I get to pick three lucky people to receive a bag of their choice of coffee.

    You can see what kinds of coffee they sell here. Just click on that little link at the top of the page that says “Happy Cup can be purchased online and at our Coffee Shop at 3331 NE Sandy Blvd.” and then the coffee section and you’ll see the flavors in a pop up window. Great names for coffee right?

    I also get to pick one lucky winner to receive a gift box. Inside the gift box is a cute mug like the one I received, a bag of coffee and a t-shirt! Hot diggety! So comment away! I’ll pick a winner by next Monday.

    p.s. I received this product for free but I was not paid for this review. Opinions are my own! :)