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    Mission: Ottoman


    I’m on a mission. I want to make an ottoman like this one. I think it will solve all my conversation area dilemmas. Have you done this? Send links!

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    It's that time of year!

    Very sad cousins are gone. :(

    What she picked out for me to wear. I'm not so sure...
    She picked out my outfit for me. How could I say no?

    Alright, fine. I'll wear it. She even did my hair.

    Another day another pool. Also hookah smoking but not by me.

    Trader Joe's Moroccan salad FTW!

    Apartment complexes have their perks.
    Outdoor theatre! Apartment complexes have their perks.

    Puss in Boots!
    Puss in Boots.

    Priorities are clear.

    Teacher and her students. They are all right-handed she says.
    Teacher and her students.

    Why is this so hard to decipher?
    Trying to figure out the blasted NBC Olympics schedule is maddening.

    Boring watch-Olympics-all-day day.
    Lazy days…