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    Grow Big, Little Figgy!


    It probably doesn’t surprise you that I’ve been hankering after a giant fiddle leaf fig tree. They are just so big and cool and exactly what my living room needs! I know, I’m jumping on the hipster bandwagon again but I really really do think they are amazing and I love plants. I have a green thumb after all. I probably could keep one alive. And wouldn’t it look so perfect against the white walls of my living room, balancing out the great wall of turquoise at the other end?

    However, as you also probably know, fiddle leaf fig trees cost a small fortune.

    I bought a baby fiddle leaf fig.  I hope it grows 10 feet tall!

    So I bought a baby one off Amazon! I was worried. A plant in the mail for so cheap? Would it be dollhouse size? Would it be mangled and half dead from the trip?

    Well, It came in the mail yesterday in a box all wrapped up with brown paper and puffy white popcorn and it’s fine. Like some of the reviews said it does have some brown marks on the leaves but I’m thinking with some tender loving care it will be just fine.

    My garden may be small but I still love gardening!

    So I repotted it.

    figgy little Mexico

    Then I set it up in my little Mexico corner. (Insert me rolling my eyes.) This is my latest furniture rearrangement due to Toby buying us cable so that we can watch the Olympics. It’s actually a really sweet thing that he did for Bug and I love the Olympics too but it’s thrown my OCD perfect-apartment-keeping into a tailspin. You know me, everything has to be in its place and all rules of Bren Shui must be adhered to. IE: cords cannot be seen, everything must look perfect from doorway views and of course everything must be balanced and pretty—thus my need for a giant majestic fiddle leaf fig tree!

    new arrangement for the Olympics

    Cords are showing, my desk is in the first thing you see when you stand at the front door (the horror! it’s always messy!) and there’s this big red file cabinet sticking sideways in the dining room. This is SO not Bren Shui. But it’s the best I can do and believe me I’ve tried EVERY option. Thankfully it’s only this way for a month. When the Olympics are over the cable is getting cut off and the tv is going back to where it came from. I can’t wait!

    summertime blues

    At least the other side of the room still makes me happy.

    Fiddle Leaf Fig!

    Now I just have to wait ten years for my fiddle leaf fig tree to get majestic!