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    “Toys for Animals” by Bug

    Bug, animal toy designer

    This post is entirely by Bug.

    Hi. I wanted to show you what I made today so you could maybe try to make this at home or maybe just ask somebody how to make it. Or maybe me. I wanted to do this because I thought you would like it. So I made all these things. I thought they would be a good thing for real animals.

    These are the toys that I have designed:

    Cat Toy

    This is one of my cat toys. You hold the stick and your cat will see it and try playing with each string. There is catnip in the ball that sprinkles out because there are holes in it. The cat will play with the dangly ribbons and feathers.

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    Worry Dolls

    worry doll

    It all started because we read this library book. At the back there’s a little story about Riley, the Groundhog, giving his friend, Rose the vole, some worry dolls made out of toothpicks. I didn’t think much of it because I’ve never really been a fan of prayer dolls. I think they are cute and I have a few somewhere but I figured why pray to inanimate objects when you can pray to God.

    But something about the story clicked for Bug. I think mostly because she struggles with “her worries” and she’s always trying to get them under control. She’ll often tell me she has to sit and cry it out “to get her worries out.” My heart breaks for her when this happens. So often I just don’t know how to comfort her. Her emotions are like a train going full speed and no matter how much you want her to hurry up and feel better, you just have to let them run their course. It’s exhausting.