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Road Trip to Palm Springs!


We took a road trip out to Palm Springs this past Friday. Bug and I needed some adventure and my mom and my nieces needed a day off from school. Well, my mom isn’t in school but she needed some time off from her full time job of playing Farmville all day. I swear she needs an intervention with that game.

toothy t-rex

Our first stop was the Cabazon Dinosaurs. I’d never been before so this was a real treat for me. However the wind that almost whipped my head off was not a real treat. I guess a mighty wind is better to deal with than 120 degrees of heat though.


petting a t-rex

The girls climbed around on the dinosaur claws and then we went inside the giftstore/museum to pet some freaky robot dinosaurs that growled and snarled at us. If the management wanted to, they could really make that tour scary. Add some mood lighting and haunted music and I’d be scared right out of my skin. Thankfully, it’s mostly geared to education with some gospel preaching on the side.

digging for dinosaur bones


I really like how this museum tour is interactive with dinosaur bones to dig and colored rocks to sluice. The kids had a blast. I think it was worth the five dollar admission even with the wind that tied our hair up in knots.


I think the funnest part is staging crazy photos where the dinosaurs look real. Run Little Bug! Run!

eeeeep! is there something behind me?

springtime in Dinoland

Spring in the desert is always beautiful.

in the mouth of a t-rex

steep steps

Of course we had to climb up inside the giant t-rex and sit in his mouth for a while. That was pretty fun.


By the time we were done with the dinosaurs we were famished so we drove into town and found a nice spot for a picnic.


Nothing like a yummy avocado sandwich! Except I put sprouts on my sandwich (no one else did) and I came down with food poisoning the next day. So even though this picnic was delightful I’m not remembering it that fondly now that I’ve lost ten pounds violently. But hey I fit my skinny jeans now!

playing soccer on the lawn

The weather in Palm Springs was beautiful. I’m sure it’s because they have that great big mountain to block all the wind. When we were on the other side of the mountain we were cold and wind blown but as soon as we turned the corner into town there were people all over walking around in shorts and tank tops. Funny how that works.

thrifty girls goofy

But that wasn’t the end of our road trip. We had to stop by my favorite favorite thrift store on the way out of town. I had some baby-sitting money burning in my pocket and we had a lot of fun spending it on silly hats and vintage clothes.

desert pixie


Then I went home and got really really sick! I guess things have to balance out and we had too much fun or something. The good news is I’m all better! Phew!


  • Denise

    A few years ago I had sprouts and got sick, and that was it for me! I’m totally afraid of them. I’m glad you’re feeling better.

  • bethany actually

    We got food poisoning after eating at Einstein Brothers a few years ago, and Troy is still skittish about eating there, even though we aren’t eating in the same state as the one where we got sick.

    I’m glad you guys finally got up to see the dinos, but sad I didn’t get to go with you. Boo.

  • BeachMama

    What an awesome place. Sorry you got sick, but better you than one of the kids, you can take it ;). Note to me: don’t eat sprouts. And that thrift store looks really cool.

  • Kuky

    Ah that’s a shame about the sprouts. And sprouts are so yummy too. I don’t think I’ve had sprouts since before I was pregnant with Isabelle. Now I’m super super in the mood for them. I want to live dangerously! Bring on the sprouts!!

  • OMSH

    Anyone that plays Farmville needs an intervention – seriously, I think that game was invented specifically to drag people in so they can never, ever, EVER leave.

  • Ellen W

    I have not eaten sprouts since I was pregnant with my older son and they were on the “items to avoid” list. Because of the way sprouts are grown, there is not a way to properly clean and rid them of bacteria.

  • gingermog

    Whoops! what a terrible way to drop a dress size. I can sympathise as the same thing happened to mea while back. Not from sprouts though. I wasn’t aware they could be so bad for you. Looks likea great road trip and if I am ever motoring in the Palm Springs area I’d give it a visit. Hope your feeling better honey xxx

  • a chris

    Too bad about the sprouts. They’re so nice in certain contexts, but if they’re going to make you sick, well, ugh.
    Love Rapunzel’s two hats. That looks like a fun trip. Of course, to me it looks like an exotic trip too!


    Looks like good fun – all but the food poisoning! Hope it’s all passed now – sometimes the muscle pains that follow are worse!