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Okay Loose Ends, Show Yourselves!


We are packed and we are ready to go. I can’t even believe it. I never have down time before a big trip. I’ve finished up all my freelance assignments that I had to do—such a weird feeling. I always have a deadline or two hanging over my head. Does anyone have any work for me? Just kidding, sort of. I think things will go smoothly while I’m gone. Knock knock on my wooden head. It’s really weird being ready early instead of running around mad like a chicken with her head cut off (that was me Monday).

Bug has asked me why we can’t just fly the airplane today about a zillion times. I think she thinks the hours and hours in the sky are going to be like some sort of loop-ti-loop fun game on Air Olivia. (Which I cannot find a link to no matter how hard I look. Does this one work? It wouldn’t work for me but then my laptop was born in 2003 and it’s sadly dying.)

I meant to put this post up this morning so you guys could tell me what I’m forgetting, because I’m sure I’m forgetting something but somehow the day got away from me and now I only have hours before we leave. Yaaaaaay! I’m so excited. Washington D.C I hope you’re ready for me. I can’t wait to update you on whatever adventures we have.

The most exciting adventure will be unpacking Bethany’s house I’m sure. They moved into the craziest house with lots of rooms all painted different colors. She even has a bar with a phone booth in her basement. I’m not even kidding. I’m planning on setting up a coffee shop there stat.


  • BeachMama

    Oh my you are on your way!! How exciting, thrilling, adventurous! I hope you have the most fantastic time unpacking Bethany’s house, I just know it will be a riot for you. I hope your plane ride goes well, I am sure Bug will just be so full of questions the time will fly. I thought we were going to have a crazying time flying your way, but it went quite well, so don’t worry and just take lots of photos ;).

    Look forward to following along on your blogs…

  • Lauren

    Deoderant??????? :-)

    SAJ says: Yeah, that would have been tragic. I’ve got it. Just forgot to draw it! :)

  • Kimberly

    I love it when my dog sneezes on me. Does that make me weird? I also love the smell of his feet! So, I find your cat sneeze picture post quite cute!

  • Kuky

    A really really super big suitcase! You can squeeze me in next to Madge. And maybe two tiny bags, one for Nathan and one for Isabelle. Can’t leave without them. Bwa ha ha! :-D

    Oh how about a hairbrush or comb and lotion? I find my skin is always so dry when I travel. And my hair so messy. ;-)

  • bethany actually

    Carrie’s right, don’t worry about snow gear. If we need that stuff when you’re here, we’ll beg and borrow it. :-)

    Yaaaaay, you’re coming tomorrow!!! At bedtime Annalie and I were talking about how you’re getting here tomorrow, and when I told Annalie you wouldn’t be here till dinnertime, she was all, “What!? Not till DINNERTIME!?” So I reminded her that you have to fly allll the way across the country, that it took us a week to get from there to here, and she reluctantly agreed that dinnertime was reasonable.

    I hope the flights go smoothly and that you don’t forget anything crucial. Call or text anytime you need to, we’ll be waiting excitedly!

  • Kelley

    Hope you have a great time while you are in the DC area!! You are getting here after all the snow has melted {well, except the humungo piles in parking lots, those will be here till July!} and we have had BEAUTIFUL spring weather the last three days. Unfortunately they are calling for rain on the weekend, BOO! But that just makes it a great day to go visit the Smithsonian! Which you can’t come to DC without at least going to ONE! The American History one has Dorothy’s ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz :)

    Hope you have a great time while you are here!

  • Sam

    I’m so excited for you! You’re like, a professional unpacker and mover-in! Hope your journey goes smoothly and you make it there by dinnertime!

  • vanessa

    I live in DC (hit me up if you need a babysitter! I’m quite good! :) and you do not need snow stuff now. Its warm! and make sure you go see the Smithsonian, especially Natural History, for Bug. and the zoo is amazing here. also the Mall is great to walk around in. American History is fun too. American Indian has AMAZING food. Oh my lord the fry bread! I do childcare in this area and my favorite resource, if you are looking for stuff to do with Bug, is our-kids.com. Great info.

  • Janna

    Love the pack sketch! You will love Water for Elephants! Great book. :)
    I hope you and bug have a blast in DC. There is a really cool Spy museum there she might think is fun.

  • Jenna

    Can’t wait to see/read about all you do in DC…we’re only an hour 1/2 away and I grew up there too. Have an awesome time and don’t forget to do some unpacking. ;-)

  • Dad

    Be sure to see the changing of the guards at th tomb of the unknown soldier… I think Mom and I enjoyed that almost as much as th Air and Space museum. (well, she didn’t enjoy the A & S mus nearly as much as I did I guess that’s why we only stayed there 1/2 a day I want to spend a week next time!) Have fun but don’t forget to come back!! Luv u. Dad.