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    snow people cake topper!


    Snowmen on a wedding cake? I know we’re on the edge of spring and summer is just around the corner but I thought this was too cute an idea not to feature now. And besides aren’t winter brides planning now? Scrap those sugar doves! I thinks this snow couple is very romantic.

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    Drastic Measures

    before after

    Do you know what bad days are good for? For cutting your hair, that’s what. I know. I know. I know. I can see you shaking your head in disapproval but before you launch into a lecture about doing things in haste that I’ll regret later, let me share with you that my original idea of a haircut was for my whole head. I showed some restraint. I only hacked off my long flowing (in the wind) side-swept bangs.

    It was so windy today. Bug and I went to the mall (not to buy things of course but to admire the koi pond and otherwise waste time) and my stupid bangs were blowing all over the place. Most of the time they were floating above my head four inches high. I am so so so sick of these stupid bangs. When I am home, I cannot stand them touching my forehead and falling into my eyes so I pull them back out of my face with a big fat clip or a bobby pin. Unfortunately, I am not one of those cute girls for whom this is a good look. I’m embarrassed even for Toby to see me but sometimes you just have to get the dishes done, you know?

    So after admiring mannequin after mannequin, and skinny OC housewife after skinny OC housewife…all flaunting their blunt-cut looks so chic and suave, I decided to throw my rebellion against this trend TO THE WIND! and just embrace it. My hair was meant to be cut this way. I have two cowlicks at the back of my head that force all of my hair to grow forward onto my face. I might as well just get a bowl, cut it and be done with it.

    the eyes, they crazy

    Now, I realize this is probably not the best look for me and my crazy face. (Yes, I do think one of my eyes is upside down.) As you know, I don’t color my hair and I have quite a few wiry grays. Sometimes I think my hair looks like a broom. You might as well just flip me over and sweep up those crumbs. The doll-face look might be hideous on me. But I just don’t care any more! At least not today. I’ll probably regret it for the next three months that it takes to grow out but today I am happy and carefree! Not a single strand of hair is in my eyes or tickling my nose and it feels GOOD!!!

    Do you hear that wind? I said, bring it!