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    We’re here!

    early morning flight stripes

    We had a great flight with plenty of turbulence to keep things exciting, just how we like it. Bug was a super flight champ. She loves flying just as much as I do. She chattered and exclaimed and was generally happy and delightful during the whole flight.

    coloring next to the sleeping guy Photo0073.jpeg


    Here we are in the sun shining in from the airplane window. It was a pretty early flight so we got to experience dawn while sitting in the airplane waiting for it to take off. Good thing both Bug and I are morning people.

    reception holding hands

    What can I say? We were warmly received. Even the weather hasn’t been cold! I might even say it’s the same temperature here that it is at home. What’s up East Coast?! I even brought my winter coat! I wanted to wear it for once in my life. Phooey.

    unpacking day 1

    That night, after the girls were in bed, Bethany and I stayed up and unpacked her kitchen. We somehow magically drank the perfect amount of coffee and alcohol and had a little party all by ourselves. I know I’m crazy but I think unpacking is FUN!

    playing with leaves

    The next day we discovered Annalie’s GIANT backyard. Compared to our tiny patio it was like living on a estate. Grass and hills to run on and trees! Oh my! Bug was so happy.

    flickr nails

    But we had to cut that short because it was Bethany’s birthday and we had people to meet and things to do! First a birthday lunch with Bethany’s friends, who are all very sweet of course and then some pottery painting after that! That’s how Bethany rolls. She didn’t bake herself a cake though. We’ll have to amend that.