• Sarah

    Ah, Farmville. One of those things in life I forbid myself to touch, lest I become addicted.

    And see if Bethany has any of the Branston pickle left that I sent her. Now that’s proper British pickle. Of course it may not have been to her taste, so you may have to look through the rubbish dump, rather than the cupboards ;-)

    SAJ says: I doubt the rubbish dump. I’ll have to poke around and see. Maybe that will be my next blog post: A list of all the pickles Bethany has. :)

  • Ruth

    1. YES: Farmville sucks. SO much.
    2. I want to housesit for somebody! You guys always seem to have so much fun :)
    3. I love your pic of “going with the flow”–what a great way to spend time around the holidays.
    4. I love that your illo was numbered–easy to read AND beautiful!

  • bethany actually

    I have no idea why I have so many pickles! I think I keep thinking I’ve run out and buying new jars and then realizing there was a half-full jar in the back of the fridge. Oh, and one of them is from Trader Joe’s and I don’t like them. And two of the jars are ones I bought for Thanksgiving when we expected to have many more people at our house.

    I believe I still have Branston pickle in the fridge somewhere! It’s yummy on a cheddar sandwich!

  • gingermog

    Mmmm cheese and pickle sandwiches as a Brit I agree these are a favorite, but Branston pickle is a bit brown and murky for some peoples tastes I prefer a pickled onion, green tomato or something savory with ginger. Home made chutney (pickle) wins down every time. We pickle everything from eggs (never tasted them they look like eyeballs in the jar) to cauliflower. I remember my american roommate in college ordering a sandwich at a cafe, when the waitress asked him if he wanted pickle with his cheese sandwich, he nodded but was appalled when his sandwich came back smothered with brown, chunky Branston pickle instead of a fancy gherkin.

    I got my frosty morning today and now its snowing pretty heavily. London is turning into a Christmas card. :)