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The Christmas Walk and the Papasan Chair of Death



1. When I babysit I take Bug with me. We spend the night because the kids I babysit live in a really big house with a guest room and it’s a lot easier just to crash there than to pack up and leave when the parents get home after midnight.

2. I don’t know why I say Starbucks is a tradition. We go there way too often.

3. The illustration of me at the bottom doesn’t look like me, I know. It’s just that I had a bad hair day.

4. Sonja is this Sonja. She’s super fun. I’m sorry I drew her so poorly but I that’s just how these diary illos go.

5. You’ll have to ask Bethany about the Papasan chair. I hope she lives to tell the tale. I also hope she doesn’t kill me for drawing about it.

6. Christmas walk photos to come.

7. Now I’m off to run a thousand errands in the rain. Wish me luck. We Southern Californians know nothing about driving in wet stuff.