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New Cards in my Shop

New Mystery Cards

Amazingly, the heat wave disappeared yesterday! Here I thought summer was already upon us but it was just a little tickle of what is yet to come. The fog rolled in and yowzers was it welcome! I love fog some days. Especially on days that I feel like staying inside and making things.

the mess

Yesterday Bug and I made some more funky pants cards for my shop. I don’t even really care if they sell or not. It’s just fun to sit with my little helper and make stuff. I think since I’ve always recycled her art since day one, Bug thinks it’s normal.

my helper

As fast as I could cut up her masterpieces, she created more—even adding more color here and there to humor me. I hope we are partners making art for a long long long time.

new mystery cards in my shop

I added a little twist to this latest batch of cards. They are called Mystery Cards. Sort of like the Chef’s Surprise where you just never know what you’re going to get, except I promise I won’t hash yesterday’s stale meatloaf into with the mix.

tied up with string

Actually, these cards are kind of fun. On a whim I decided to add a line here and there from whatever song was playing in the background on itunes. I thought it would be a fun prompt for those creative writerly types that might need a little spark to help them send a note.

new mystery cards

It would work for me.


  • bethany actually

    I think you’re just lucky with Bug’s attitude about recycling art. Annalie has resisted cutting up her creations or sending them off to other people for as long as I can remember. I’ve always had to do some fast talking to convince her that it’s a good idea, and then distract her with something. As she’s gotten older, it’s become nearly impossible to fast-talk her about it!

  • Melissa

    I love the music-inspired line! :o) I love everything you and Bug do together, though! You two are such an inspiration for me. I can’t wait till my daughter is big enough to wield a paintbrush and we can start crafting together, too. Now, though, she’d either eat it or stick it in her eye. :o)
    I would like to know, though, is there a particular brand of glue stick that you find works really well? I’ve tried a few, and all the projects seem to come unstuck after a few days. I find I often resort to double-stick tape or one of the glue roller things…but those are too expensive. Any guidance? Thanks!

    SAJ says: How terrible! I never even thought about glue sticks not sticking. I picked these glue-sticks up from Big Lots for super super cheap. I didn’t realize that some glue sticks are better than others. The brand is Bridgeport. I guess I better stock up in case they go out of business! It might also be the paper. The paper we use is from IKEA and it’s super porous. That might have something to do with it. Maybe someone else has an educated opinion?

  • Becca

    Recycling art! Where have you been all my life, man I have been in need of that idea for YEARS! Carus can go through a stack of printer paper in just a few hours!

  • Keely

    Between this post and Bethany’s, I’m suddenly not so sad that my “baby” girl is almost 2 and growing up so fast… because I am so excited to get to do more with her. :) By the way, I love your banner… it makes me smile.

  • Deeleea

    Ooh, lovely!!!

    Is it incredibly impertinent to suggest they may make good prizes for winners of character naming competitions? Maybe… but I’ll give it a shot…

  • BeachMama

    More of your gorgeous art. I love how the two of you work together, here’s hoping my little girl will work with me on art, I already snagged her brother for photography.

  • Angela

    I really love these. I know you do a lot of craft projects but this one is my favorite. You’re so creative, how do you come up with these ideas on a whim?


    Loving the SAJ in Paris Plate that you are working on. If you put this in your shop, will you [pretty] please give us notice that you will be putting it up for sale? I always miss out on your plates. This one is a particularly good fit for me since I love to bake. Thanks!

    SAJ says: I will! but it has a smudge on it… which makes me very sad. I guess the good news is that I’ll probably sell it for cheap! I probably won’t get it back from the studio for about a week. :)