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Feeling fizzy!

May SAJ calendar

For some reason I’ve been on an orange kick lately. I love orange and pink together. My mom recently made some orange flags for her shop (they’re not there yet—she’s waiting for me to photograph them properly) and I’ve been day-dreaming up an orange and pink soda pop-themed party ever since. I may just have to host a little faux party to get it out of my system.

orange flags

Can you see it? A table set in all orange and pink? A little round double layer orange cake with a great big hot pink flower on top? Bottles of orange soda with pink straws…. these are the things my dreams are made of!

imaginary fizz pop party invite

Since May is quickly filling up with real birthday parties, here is a calendar to write them in on! If anybody wants to host their own little pink and orange fizz-pop party, email me and I’ll share my invite with you.