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I have been tagged. Normally I duck from these types of things but it is a noble quest involving 80 clicks around the world, and the person who tagged me asked me politely first. It’s so nice to be asked first.

I’ve got a steaming cup of coffee in front of me. I’m hoping it jump-starts my brain into writing something brilliant and fresh. The topic is nothing new but I want to answer it as honestly and openly as I can.

The question is: What five things do you love about being a mom?

At first I feel a bit scared to answer a question like that. Aren’t you sick of hearing about how great motherhood is? Hasn’t everyone already heard enough? What do I have to say that could possibly be new and interesting?

I actually don’t think I’m that great of a mom. I know. You are all going to moan and groan about all the fun and creative things I do with Bug and I know you are right. But personally I think I’m a really great aunt. I love doing fun things with kids but then I like it when those kids go away and I have peace and quiet to think up my next really fun thing.

Being a mom is not as fun as being an aunt. It’s a lot of work. It’s a huge challenge for me to think of all the fun things but then keep my cool during the lag times between fun things. So many times Bug and I sit on the couch and I just stare into space while I pile heaps of guilt on myself for not at least thinking up a story to tell her. But I can’t be “on” all the time. Sometimes I’m not creative. Sometimes I’m tired and lazy. And sometimes I need to give her a chance to be bored so she can grow up to be as creative as I am. I was bored a LOT as a kid.

But that’s not answering the question. I’m sorry.

1. I love the companionship. Sometimes when we’re walking down the alley to the library and she’s skipping along holding my hand and NOT lagging behind, I find her little voice so captivating. She chatters on about this and that and I’m completely happy that I can go anywhere with her and never mind who is watching me.

I remember in the olden days when I was an insecure singleton, I used to frequent coffee shops a lot and write novellas into my journal about how lonely I was. I would wish and pray that someone, anyone, would just sit down across from me and strike up a conversation. I used to pretend to be interested in writing or reading or sketching but really I just wanted someone to talk to. Now I have someone to talk to all the time. And sometimes I even wish she would stop talking.

2. I love being the one who gets to comfort her. I love it that I usually understand what is wrong. Her brain is wired like my brain and I usually have a better idea than anyone else what will make her happy again. Sometimes that makes me feel like a superhero.

3. I love dressing her. Kids’ clothes are cute and she can get away with combinations that I can’t. I know this is a fleeting pleasure but I’m savoring it as long as she’ll let me.

4. I love the challenge of motherhood. It’s always changing and it always feels overwhelming yet I never give up. Well, sometimes I think I give up and I cry and scream into pillows, but I don’t really give up. I just take a breather and have another go at it. I’ve never had this many chances to do a good job before.

5. I love that I have a mom’s body. I love that that excuses me from competing with all the teenagers at the beach. I know I’ll never be like those Hollywood moms who can bounce quarters off their stomachs but I don’t really care. I know someday I’ll get back into shape. But for now I can blend in with all the other moms and nobody really cares because they are too busy looking at my cute kid.

Well…that’s not the best list but that’s the best I can come up with right now.

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Now it’s your turn.

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If you’re not tagged, feel free to tag yourself.

p.s. She dressed herself in these photos. It was 70 degrees in the shade and for some reason she wanted to wear a hat and mittens.


  • The Bug

    Bug is SO cute! I love it when they dress themselves. I’m not a mom, but your list sounds like how I would feel about it if I were (except for the part about you being creative – I am NOT a creative person in that way). I like your honesty – & I think that you & Bug will have a great relationship because you’re real with her.

  • Carrie

    Ohhhh! I feel so popular now! I’ve only seen this on the really big blogs so now I have a happy little place in my heart.

    Also, loved your post. You are such a good mama.

  • Kate

    I love being the one to comfort my kids too. I remember as a babysitter and then as an aunt, that even as close as I was to the kids, when tradgedy struck it was to their mommies they went crying. And I always felt a little sad about that. I love being the one they come to for comfort, and being a source of comfort for them. Sadly enough, now that I think about it, I don’t remember my own mom being that to me. Hmmm.

  • Angella

    I am SO GLAD you played along. I have sen you in action and know that you are a GREAT Mom. And Bug with all of her chatter is pretty spectacular :)

  • Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com

    I used to hope someone would plop down next to me and start up a conversation too. Do you think they could start making t-shirts to advertise this? I don’t know about you, but it never happened for me.

    Anyway, Bug is very cute. I love that her independent spirit so shines through in these pictures!

  • Jennifer

    I love your list B! I’ll try and do mine tonight.

    Bug is so cute. I watched a Shirley Temple movie this weekend and it made me miss her, seriously! hehe

  • nicole

    Keep dressing her for as long as you can…because by age 4.5 you can only control what you buy and even then it is best to shop with out a helper! Bug is a suave dresser!

  • Uncle George

    It’s surely nice to be an aunt, but where BB is concerned, it’s better to be an uncle!