Bug,  I forgot to tell you this earlier

Happy Monday


I forgot to say earlier that while we were waiting for our very expensive crappy photo with the Easter Bunny, Bug got a mylar balloon bigger than her. It’s a giant blue bunny with a really cute face. I need to take a photo of it but it’s probably too late now. It’s resting half-deflated in a very un-photogenic corner of her room and I’m afraid to bring it out because then it will become an Event. We don’t have time for events when we are late for school. Just use your imagination.

One of the volunteers breaking down the tents gave it to her and then later got scolded for it because apparently the balloons were not to be given out to guests. Thankfully the scolder didn’t take it away from Bug. That would have been tragic. So that’s that. The silly flashlight Easter egg hunt was not really as horrible as I made it sound.

the evil smurf

Also, my kid is an EVIL Smurf. Happy Monday!