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a quick check-in

not posed at all

I think this photo tells a better story than what I can come up with now that it is midnight and I am turning into a pumpkin. I am SO tired! I cleaned all day from top to bottom. I cleaned EVERYTHING!!!! The house will be in tip top shape when Toby gets home on Tuesday.


I also did some jumping on the bed. You know, to get the dust out or something spring cleaning-ish like that. I thought it would be super cool to take a picture of my feet while I was jumping and then like an idiot I jumped too close to the edge and toppled over the footboard and caught myself on the closet like a pelican face-planting into a window. So graceful. Then to add to my humility, Baby Bug started singing “No more monkeys jumping on the bed.”

So I’m a bit sore. Sore and tired. I’d love to blog about my car getting broken into and the super fun beach time and tea party I had with my nieces but I need to turn in so I can turn back into a princess tomorrow morning. This pumpkin business is not very becoming.


  • Sarah

    Bug’s hair is so long! So cute… :)

    You are such a supermama – cleaning with Bug when Toby is not around. I’m totally impressed. With Bug too…considering she let’s you clean! :)

  • DeeJay

    Love both pictures lots! Whoo hoo on the cleaning, it takes a lot of self discipline to clean when Toby is gone.

    The way BB’s hair is down and that black body suit make her look like one of those “Cats” who do the bongo drum playing and home written poem reciting with their other “Cat” friends on stage.

    That makes me weird huh.

  • ninabi

    I loved the first picture, too! Bug looked way cool, as if she was about to do a beat poetry reading in the 1960s.

    Glad you had fun!

  • kathryn

    Im glad you watermarked that top photo, ‘cuz that one is worth every penny! It tells a story and then some!!

  • pinky

    My child has no black clothes to go with his wee black hat I had his grandma knit him (and yes, she thought I was weird for requesting it) so whenever I see something that snaps at the crotch in black, I wonder where it is from!

    (my holy grail is a black sleeper, since that is all that little man is wearing right now, but I really don’t think there is much by way of mass-produced black clothing for newborns)

    what can I say – I like the idea of him as an almost eight-pound cat burglar :-)

  • Sleepynita

    So cute, I love BB’s long bangs! If you stuck a beret on that she would totally look like one of those hip “jazz cats” type guys…..

    shoo-be-doo-wah…. wah-….wah. ::snaps fingers::

  • Cheney

    I know you are probably sick of hearing what Baby Bug looks like in that first photo, but here was my instant reaction: She’s a high fashion supermodel, and she is SOOO over her mommy’s silly shenanagins!

    Cute cute!

  • BeachMama

    BB looks like a Rock Star in that first photo! And your car, got broken into, that sucks. I am sure you will tell us about it later. You sure look like you are having way more fun than I ever do while cleaning my house.

  • Saple

    THe first photo looks like a Herb Ritts photos, baby bug just needs a pair of high heels and a hat and she would be a socialite.

  • Heidi

    Seriously cool photos. Baby Bug looks so sophisticated in the first one. I love the contrast between her uber-cool beatnik look and your I’ve just fallen, help me get up look.