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    Batchin’ It

    green peeps

    It’s not Easter and this is not an Easter post. I’m just sticking a photo of Baby Bug’s green peeps up there because I desperately want to put something new up and I’m not terribly inspired by my photos tonight.

    However, I do have a new banner. Yay for fresh new banners! That’s pretty much all I accomplished today.

    In other news, Toby is leaving for Argentina tomorrow to go on a hunting trip with his Dad and his brother. It should be pretty fun for him but of course he is a nervous wreck because he hates flying and he hates traveling and he’s been traveling for the last two months. Also, his work has been stressful lately. But what else is new, right?

    Anyway, that means ten more days of batchin’ it* for Baby Bug and I. I wonder what kind of trouble we’ll get into this time. I’m thinking of re-covering the couch. That should be exciting.

    * should I spell it “bachin’ it” short for bacheloring it? Whatever, you know what I mean.