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    Speaking of Hunting

    Lil' Mis Blue Mouth

    Speaking of hunting… we had an Easter egg hunt this weekend. Yeah, I know, you want to hear about Toby dressing up in full camo and hunting for some poor helpless little doves in Argentina but I don’t have any news yet so I’ll just share our Easter egg hunting stories instead.

    Since we spent Easter on the plane heading back from Hawaii, Toby and I sort of glossed over the holiday. I don’t know if Baby Bug is even really old enough to understand the real meaning of Easter. She does understand the meaning of the Easter Bunny and candy though.

    blue candy!

    Oh yeah. The subject of candy has taken up a significant portion of her brain. She’s even gotten so bad that she doesn’t ask for cupcakes and birthday cake anymore. Now it’s candy this and candy that. Good thing she’ll probably inherit my super-strong industrial strength teeth that have never had a cavity to this day. But don’t worry, we’re brushing daily just in case she doesn’t.


    Before Toby was even on the plane to Argentina, I had already called up my nieces and asked them to come spend some time with us. I hate being alone the first night when Toby leaves. Ever since my car got broken into, being alone kinda gives me the heebie jeebies. Of course my mom, sister-in-law and nieces were happy to oblige.

    Jelly Bean Queen

    We’ve been up to all sort of hijinks with the niece-com-poops. Doughnuts for breakfast, three-layered pudding for desert, making play dough from scratch, an Easter egg hunt in the park, and of course plenty of beach time. If we keep it up the time will fly by.

    That's hotttttt

    Daddy who? Actually Baby Bug does miss her dad. Especially after spending eight days with him and getting LOTS of attention.

    We took Toby to the airport early on Friday morning and she was more than happy to get dressed and hop into the car to go to the airport. I think she thought she was going on the airplane too. Since we built up flying so much for our Hawaii trip, she thinks it’s a fun roller-coaster ride or something.


    She fell asleep on the hour drive to the airport and we didn’t have the heart to wake her up so she could say goodbye. The truth is, I was just plain selfish and I wanted her to sleep the whole way back from the airport because I hate playing the Fetch-the-Pacifiers game while I’m driving. Especially when I’m driving in traffic home from LA. So we let her sleep.

    Well, you know what happened next. When we were about five minutes from home she magically woke up and then there were tears. A river of tears…

    “Where’s Daddy?!!”

    “He’s on the airplane”

    “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! I WANNA GO ON THE AIRPLANE!!!!”

    “I’m sorry, Baby. Not this time.”

    “I WANNA GO ON THE AIRPLANE TO HAWAII!!! I want to go in the POOL! I WANT DADDY! I WANT TO GO SWIMMING….. Waaaaaaaah Wahhhhhhh Waaaaah!!!!”

    On and on it went for the remainder of our drive home. I think it would have kept on going for days if I hadn’t master-minded my nieces visit to take her mind off the unfairness of the world.

    She really loved the pool in Hawaii. I think it will be permanently branded in her memory.

    I think the swimming pool made the biggest impression

    I’m going to have to find a pool around here if I want to keep my sanity.