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inside BB's head

Okay, so a slight delay on the post about nightmares and fear… life just gets in the way of blogging sometimes, which is SO annoying!

Anyway, here is today’s drawing. I’m putting it up right away because I don’t want what happened yesterday to happen today. And that is that I didn’t draw yesterday! Ack! My own bolt of lightning is going to strike me dead. I’ll have to draw that too.

This is just a sketch of a daily skit Baby Bug likes to act out. It’s her favorite game. If there are two sizes of anything, anything at all, they are “the mommy” and “the baby”. Sometimes even “the daddy” makes an appearance in her playtime, which is cute.

Like I was writing about before about the ocean, making castles are a big part of our daily routine even if we don’t’ make it down to the beach. We make imaginary castles in the living room, scooping invisible sand everywhere… which is kind of nice since unlike real sand, I don’t have to clean it up.


  • bethany actually

    So, are you involved in this at all, or is it all BB? Like, does she act out the parts of the Mommy Shubble AND the Baby Shubble, or are you the Mommy Shubble? Or are you sometimes the Baby Shubble? Annalie often tells me that I am the baby and she’s the mommy.

  • Susan

    I love imaginary sand versus real sand when it involves clean up time. Ahh so nice to not feel grit everywhere. I love the daily drawings.

  • Michelle

    When I taught preschool special needs I was doing an activity on sizes. We had 5 things that went from big to small. I had the darndest time trying to get the concept, then it hit me! This is the Daddy, this is the Mommy, big sister, big brother, and baby! They loved it, and got it! See, we can all learn something from our kids. Wish I had known Baby Bug then! :)

  • august

    i just bought a sketchpad too ;) By the way… you doodled the vaccuum cleaner chasing bug yesterday, right? Well, at least you posted it… that’s good enough for me. We don’t know any better ;)

  • Chelsie

    My connection loads the post title, the post itself, and then…. the picture/s. So while waiting for the pic to load and before I scrolled down to the post I contemplated “shubble,” and thought for sure there was some sort of Jewish-bubbe-type post going to follow. Boy was I suprised! Clearly, I’m the mother of a baby who can only say mama and dada right now. :-) In another year if I read this title – I might have gotten it straight away!

  • Jummy

    hehe, Kuky stole my entire comment. I must admit I’m a quite charmed the way kids say things and my friends’ son’s pronunciation of the word “hamburger” kills me: he pronounces it “hanguhber”.

  • Starryprincess

    The starryprincess has some interesting words and we don’t correct them. Our big kids are much bigger than she and we know how quickly they stop saying them, In fact some have now become words we all use. e.g. Servatree- conservatory, colourfee-colourful. And everything comes in a mammy daddy and baby set, every game has them too.

  • BeachMama

    I love your drawings, I think when I first started reading and went way back in your archives to the beginning you used to post drawings a lot. I like them, so much like your usual drawings but in the raw :).

    And yes, I can’t say it enough that I wish we were closer to the beach, but we build castles in the back yard!!