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it came to pass

whoorl's bug eyes mirror

It’s 3 am and I should not be typing a blog post but I feel compelled to let all the monday morning readers (love you guys!) that everything is going much much better than it was in my last post. I think that one day was particularly bad because of the vet and the no-nap/no-lunch combo. A tired, hungry, whiney toddler is much less manageable than a normal whiney toddler.

I’ve learned some things about Bug lately. (That’s what I’m calling her these days… she’s less and less of a baby every day.) She needs the constant (and I mean CONSTANT) assurance that I’m there. So when she asks me five-hundred-zillion times if she can have a cookie it isn’t really because she is dying of hunger and needs a cookie but more that she wants to make sure I’m right there and paying attention to her. I haven’t suddenly lost all gravitational pull from the earth and gone hurtling out to space to visit my other kids on mars.

So we’re working on that.

Pounce seems to be getting better too. He’s not his old self, yowling at five in the morning for his canned cat food but he is up and moving around. He’s responsive to petting and chooses to sleep with Bug at night so at least he’s getting up from his sick bed once in a while. When I came home tonight from a fun Oscar’s party at whoorl’s (yay! just the two of us and our 272 twitter friends) he actually greeted me at the door and gave me a scratching-the-floor-with-his-claws welcome. That is a good sign.


Hey, one more thing. I’ve been thinking it’s time to do an un-finished business post. You know, like a catch up on Forrest and a why-I-painted-my-refrigerator-red story, or an answer to “will you ever make sludgies again?” etc etc… sort of post. Do you have any old niggling questions that I keep ignoring in the comments? I’m trying to be more responsive in the comments but I am baaaad, I know. I always mean to answer questions right away but then something calls me away and next thing I know I’ve let the question slide in with my fifty emails I need to write back to.

So maybe if I set aside time to just answer questions, I’ll be better. And maybe it’ll be a fun blog post? Or not. No pressure to come up with a question if you don’t have one. I can always just post pictures of Bug.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print at 3:28 in the morning. Out!


  • Spandrel Studios

    Now I’m dying to know why you painted your refrigerator red! And what about an Academy Awards post? You’ve always got such a fun perspective on things, it would be cool to hear your take.

    Very glad to hear things are going much better… Have a glorious week!

  • Starryprincess

    Yes a no nap no lunch day never puts the sunny side on anything. I’ve been worried about you and checking in desperate to see a new post of you your usual chipper self.
    I though you had a shop bought red fridge, I am intrigued.

  • BeachMama

    You are so crazy, blogging at 3am! Glad you were able to go out and have an Oscar party with Whoorl. I started watching them, but beat it to bead at 9:30! I know, I am a wimp. But, Hubby woke Apple up twently minutes later and when that happens, she wakes up every single hour all night long. So yes, I had little catnaps of sleep all night and guess who is asleep right now… a hint… not me ;).

    Also good to hear that your day was better. J is like BB in that way, need reassurance that I am close by. He is getting better, but he still likes to know I won’t be far. I don’t mind, it means I don’t have a wanderer. His Sister is already trying to break free though, so I am enjoying my glued to the hip Son for now.

  • Jummy

    Update/question answering posts are always fun and a great way to learn more about you!

    I’m glad to hear that things are going better and you has some fun with whoorl!

  • Mrs. Wilson

    Yay for an Oscar’s party! I had one her all by myself. My husband was not interested.

    It’s a good thing your BB is cute. I know that saved my daughter when she was a toddler and I wanted to smack her against a wall or throw her out a window. Not literally, (don’t call the cops on me, mmkay?) but it’s amazing how mad you can get at a little person!

    Nap times are SO wonderful.

  • Taryn

    Hi – I’ve been reading for a little while, I love hearing of your stories with Bug, she is so cute. My daughter Sam turned 2 in December so it’s fun to hear what you guys are up to. I have to ask, where did you get her red shoes in this picture, they are so cute.

  • Uncle George

    Uh, er…Bug has an uncle that lives five minutes away. Uncoe Choge can babysit at the drop of a hat. I babysitted Toby for years along with the other litany of kids my dad produced…So I come with papers. The twos are indeed terrible. It’s neither your nor bug’s fault, it’s human nature.

    Your photos continue to WOW me, B. Fantastic!

  • Jamie W.

    Ditto on the red shoes…am dying to know about those.

    Also, what sort of camera do you use? My digital pics never look as good as yours…I can’t get the lighting right…or maybe it is the setting? What portrait setting do you use?

  • Michelle

    I looked at that picture of the bug eye mirror, and said to myself, “Hey, that’s Whoorl’s house!”……I guess I remembered it from the pics she posted for her interview she gave over at Neil’s blog. Gosh, was that a run on sentence or what? Hope that doesn’t seem stalker like that I remembered that mirror….

    Take Uncoe Choge up on his offer to baby sit….trust me, take it from a mommy who has ZILCHO help “all up in here” – a sincere offer to watch the kiddo is one to accept :o)

    Questions, questions….how did you paint the fridge red/what type of paint did you use, what made you decide to? I’d love to do that, and all I can picture is paint running down the fridge and not sticking!

    Don’t fret about having off days with Bug…you are an amazing mom and she is blossoming from baby to sweet, little girl :o)

  • frantically simple

    I think you painted the fridge to match BBs adorable shoes. :)
    What else have you painted? My friend’s husband swears she’ll decoupage the kids if they sit still long enough. They never will.

  • Ashley

    So glad to hear things are going better in your world. I don’t have any nagging blog questions but I do have one about Baby Bug’s shoes in that photo, where did you get them? They are ultra cute, I think it’s so precious that they match her outfit and I think every girl needs a pair of red shoes, always.

  • bethany actually

    OK, this just jumped out at me as a good example of why I love your writing:

    “…she wants to make sure I’m right there and paying attention to her. I haven’t suddenly lost all gravitational pull from the earth and gone hurtling out to space to visit my other kids on mars.”

    Fabulous. :-)

  • Katrina

    I just listened to the audioclip from yesterday. (Arrrggghh!) I think my kids went through the whiny stage when they were frustrated with their language skills. BB sounds like she is on the verge of brilliant oration. I’m sure you interpret toddler-speak like a mom, but two year olds have so many opinions to express!

    And you have no idea how well you did. I once sat on my two year old for about four hours until his dad got home. (one leg over his chest and one leg over his hips, while nursing his newborn sister for the whole four hours.)

  • Gingermog

    Now I’m itching to know why your fridge, is red too. I just thought you bought one in that colour beause you were fancy. Kudos for giving it such a good paint job! I bought some cheap sandels from the market once to go Salasa dancing in, sprayed them silver and put bindi’s on them (sparkly Indian stickers). Looked smart until the end of the night when my feel turned all silver. Mwah Mwah Mwah.

  • Lauren

    I didn’t know you painted your fridge! I didn’t even know a refrigerator could be painted! I just thought it was naturally cute!

    (why am I using so many !! at 5 am?!)

    I would love a post about how you did it and what kind of paint and yada yada .. ours is yuck white.