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Happy Valentine’s Day!

just so

Happy Valentines! I know making sugar cookies isn’t anything new and original to do for Valentines… but I didn’t think that should stop us from having fun. Everything is new and original when you’re TWO!

happy baking girl

She is so much fun in the kitchen. She wants to “help” me all the time. I hope she grows up to love cooking and will cook me dinner every night. How great would that be? That probably won’t happen. I think I loved helping my mom in the kitchen too and look at me now. I just hope that doing all these fun things early doesn’t make them boring for later.

I remember when I was eleven or so and I used to have friends over to visit. I’d ask my mom what we should do as an “activity”. She’d say something like, “Why don’t you make cookies together? That would be fun.” And I’d roll my eyes like, that is the most BORING thing in the world. Who wants to make cookies. OH Puleeeeze.

What I really wanted to do was go hang out at the roller rink but for some reason that was always out of question. Finances? The fact that my mom didn’t want to drive us around town? Who knows. But I don’t remember making cookies with my friends. Which is kind of sad now that I think about it. Making cookies IS a totally fun activity to do with friends. I think we were more into washing each other hair in the bathroom sink and pretending to be hair stylists.

I think she might be ready for play dough

That all doesn’t matter now because NOW I have the most perfect friend to play with every day and she spends the night too! Woooo Hoooo! Oh, that’s right. I’m her mom and I have to change her poopy diaper. Why’d you have to bring that up.

some sprinkles were involved

Anyway, as you can tell we had a pretty good time making valentines. That may or may not have anything to do with how many sprinkles were involved. There was an incident where the lid shook off the chocolate sprinkles but that didn’t stop us. I think it made it more fun actually. Chocolate sprinkles EVERYWHERE!!!!

heart cookies!

Of course no Valentine’s Day is complete without some green hearts….if you’re Baby Bug!

making valentines

Then we made some homemade cardboard valentine’s cards and today (if we don’t melt from the rain) we are going to dress up as Valentine Fairies (Well, she will. I’ll be wearing a red shirt if I can find one.) and deliver them to our nearby friends. I wish you all lived near by!


  • She Likes Purple

    What a sweet life. I hope she hangs on to this green love… I find it so endearing. And those cookies look AMAZING.

    (My friends and I used to wash each others hair, too. Which, now that I think about it, was kind of odd.)

  • Jummy

    What a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s day! Baby Bug looks like she had a ball. Those little fingers in the first picture, splayed as they are are *too* cute!

    And sugar cookies are yummy. I think I need to make some tonight. With sprinkles!

    Happy ? day to you, SAJ

    (I love the rolling mat—I think I need one of those!)

  • Jen O.

    You are the best mom, ever! With my two year old, I only let her pour in the chocolate chips in our baking and I certainly NEVER let her around real paint and markers and glue! But I wish I would! I just am too lazy to clean up the mess afterwards and that’s why you’re the best mom, ever, and I…am just ok. At least my kid doesn’t know what she’s missing. I’ll make sure she doesn’t see this post.

  • Susan

    How fun! I love how precise BB was at cutting out the hearts. She reminds me of the commercial where the mom makes rice krispie treats and makes it looks so hard by throwing flour on herself…so cute! Can’t wait to see pictures of the Valentine Fairy!

  • jess

    I had so much fun handing out my SAJ Valentines at school this morning. The kids loved getting a valentines from me.

    Happy Valentines Day to you and your baby bug.

  • melissa

    those are some delicious looking cookies! and…what a cutie pie, who made them! i have such guilt now, because i kick my girls out of the kitchen when i’m cooking…i can’t stand the mess they make…er…the help!!
    have a happy valentines day!

  • Gramma

    I just love the fact that a box of cake mix, one half cup of vegetable oil and two large eggs (three small) make wonderful cookies. You can stir in a cup of coconut or raisins or chocolate chips and put them by a teaspoon on a greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for about eight minutes. This is really a no brainer. I stocked up when the mix was only $1 and I had a coupon for half off .

  • Michelle

    Happy Valentine’s Day, SAJ and BB :o) Is the recipe hard for the cookies? I love making cookies with my three girls! The photos of BB are darling!

  • bluejaye

    Matching aprons…..hmmmmm.

    We baked cookies for Becky’s 1st grade bday party. I got aprons from the dollar store and let them make chocolate chip cookies start to finish. The party favor was the apron, cookies and the recipe. File that one away for later.

  • Mrs. Wilson

    You inspire me to do more with my little girls! Baby Bug seems to be enjoying herself SO much!

    Great pictures, great blog, Happy Valentine’s Day!

    ps. My six-year-old took Valentags attached to little bunches of candy to school today for Valentine’s Day … I’m going to post pictures later today!!

  • Kuky

    Ahhh what a wonderful way to spend the day! We don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s day but this looks soooo fun! I keep wanting to bake with Isabelle. Your pictures are so inspiring, maybe we’ll make cookies tonight. :)

  • Rachelskirts

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Baby Bug! Y’all are constantly blowing me away with your overwhelming cuteness, and I will never get enough of it. Have fun being Valentine’s Fairies. :)

  • BeachMama

    I still make cookies with my friends! And I wish I was hip enough to let J decorate with sprinkles. It almost killed me to let him play with sparkles at Christmastime. It’s the mess that kills me. I am trying to let it go and getting much better at it lately.

    Happy Valentine’s

  • josephine

    HI everybody. Thank you for all the compliments. As always, you overwhelm me with your kindness! This is why I keep posting!

    I kinda sorta feel bad that some of you feel like you are less-than when it comes to making messes and/or being creative. We don’t do this every day. I have lots and lots of days that I feel like crap because I don’t do fun stuff with her. I just don’t blog about those days… usually.

  • toni

    Sweet! You are such a wonderful Mom! And spending time with Baby Bug, cooking, I’m sure those are memories she’ll cherish as she grows!

  • Saple

    That first picture I love. I would love to use it for my valentines next year (hopefully with your permission?)

  • a madhouse wife

    You are such a good mom. I tried the sugar cookies at Christmas, and it was a disaster! I’ll never do it again. I should probably try harder to just have fun, even if it’s messy.

  • Marilyn

    She’ll be too busy to cook you dinner…seeing as how she’ll have her own TV show to keep the rest of us entertained. But I hear craft service is quite good…