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A Movie (for those of you who asked)

A day in the life of Bug from secretagentjo on Vimeo.

Some words about the movie: Do you know how hard it is to get good footage of a moving breathing going-crazy toddler? Well it’s easy because they are always acting up but it’s hard because they are not always looking at the camera or standing in the “clean part of the house”. So this is a little more of a glimpse into my life than I feel comfortable with. But it’s all I had to work with! I think I’m better at making short clips.

The poem and miscellaneous music is from a cd from Music Together some friends gave us. Bug LOVES it.

And yes, I am that dorky when I dance around shaking a box of maccaroni. My house may be dirty, my carpet may be more awful than my ugly gaucho pants and there may be fruit stickers stuck to my cupboards but nobody ever said I wasn’t a fun mom.


  • bluejaye

    It’s so nice to hear her voice. Love, love, loved it. You almost didn’t need the captions, but I’m glad they were there.

    Vegatable and fruit sticker….the new art work.

  • Beth B.

    That was so cute; thanks for sharing. I remember those days… mine is 4.5 now.

    Have a super macaroni-shaking day!!

    Beth (tired mommy to a busy 4.5 yr old)

  • cc

    Too cute!

    But what else is new. I don’t think SuperChic knows any poems. But she can sing along with BaDonkaDonk, The Grease soundtrack, and various other likely inappropriate songs in the car.

  • Sarah

    Pretty incredible that baby bug. Her language is incredible!

    It’s funny because we refer to Felix as a dictator too sometimes. He also has this thing about “la-bas!” which means “over there!” and we always seem to be in the wrong spot.

  • Ashley

    What a cute video, My Bethany is just over a year and looved it! She was dancing with Baby Bug. And now she’s whining for me to play it again. You’ve got a movie star in the making.

  • kiki

    That was very fun! Her energy is very contagous. I wanted to be there dancing with my 15 mon old and I don’t even know you guys. Not that we don’t have our own moments. I didn’t notice the dirt or clutter, either because I try not to notice my own, or because all eyes were on the addorable toddler living life big! Thanks for sharing.

  • Amanda

    Too cute!! You guys would fit in great around here. Jack is a dancing fool. And the macaroni maraca is genius… why didn’t I think of that? Anyway, great idea putting that together. I love looking back at old videos – even if there tiny little clips. It’s amazing how quickly you forget how they were.

  • Andrea

    off of the subject, but you’ll have to take your girl and go to Payless Shoes—tons of groovy green shoes (for mom) to be had there!

  • Sam

    You are a fabulous mom! Who cares if the house is messy (how would it not be, with Miss Action in motion at all time?) – you ARE a fun mom. Baby Bug is so adorably TWO and full of thoughts and funny things. I love it.

  • jennifer

    that is exactly our day. only instead of pretending to be a turtle, my almost-2-year-old shoves red grapes in my eyes and says, “THE FISH EYES!” thanks for affirming that these little weirdos are normal.

  • reddirtroad

    Oh, my gosh… the yoga turtle bit and the dancing in the hallway was hilarious! And the music? Totally awesome to dance to.

    Baby Bug is just darn adorable.

    Please post more videos… ;)

  • Justyna

    How awesome!! THANK YOU FOR THE MOVIE!!!
    now I got my BB fix:) She’s is incredible. I can’t believe she talks in sentences. She’s definitely further along than most kids this age. You must read a lot of books for her, since she’s quoting them. She’s adorable.

  • BeachMama

    That was just a sweet video. I wish we had had a video camera with sound way back when J was so small and cute. Now all are videos are of him roaring or making Star Wars sounds. And you did a such a great job capturing her that I didn’t notice much of the background :).

  • Helena (aka Poppy or Suki)

    So cute! It reminds me of when my daughter was two. Full of energy and silliness. She’s eleven now … still full of energy and silliness. Love it! Oh, and our ‘official Gumball takes over the world kit’ arrived today. We love her and we’ve both kissed her asterisk already. LOL! Pictures will come once life isn’t so insane. :D

  • Amy

    This video clip scared me! You sound exactly like me on tape! Really!

    And it brought back all sorts of fond memories of my days with my busy first born at that age :)

  • bluejaye

    She was singing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle little star” while I was talking to you on the phone. Extremely cute, then you told me she had climbed in your lap and head butted you. You saw stars. You are both amazing.

  • margalit

    Aw, you’re such a fun mom! Who cares if your carpet is dirty. We can’t tell because we’re too busy looking at that funny Baby Bug. I love the little bunny foo foo. And the Klezmer music. What’s with that? Totally cracked me up.

    Oh, I have a great ETSY idea for you. Email me.

  • Jamie

    Baby Bug is just too cute. She talks very good for her age, my daughter is 20 months old and I can’t wait for her to be talking like BB. You girls look like you have a ton of fun. You are a totally cool mom. Thanks for the great stories, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!

  • Anna

    So cute!! She’s quite a character :)

    Quick question if you’d be so kind – how’s that Ikea high chair treating you? I think I’m going to buy one.

  • Clownfish

    I’m pretty high-energy but when I see BB go…I humbly pass the baton.

    Even out here in the desert, I’m done with winter…

    “It’s time for gardens and sailing in boats”!!!

  • Uncle George

    BB is a DANCING MACHINE! I’m still sore from laughing with glee. I love the hand movements and the walk she does by alternating one straight leg for another…Yes, more, more please…

    Uncoe Choge.

  • Laura

    You know what? I was having a really bad day and I thought, I bet if I go to SAJ’s blog something will cheer me up.

    Totally worked. She is such a character! I’m pregnant now with my own little girl coming in June and now when I read your blog I see all the girly adventures about to come my way! My son is 4 and I’m not cool anymore apparently to him.

    BTW.. now I need cookies.. damn you!