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a coloring book, perhaps?

Baby Bug is helping

I’m working on putting together a little coloring book for my etsy shop or maybe just a free download for you guys. I know everyone likes free stuff and I’m a little tired in the shipping-and-receiving department so maybe I’m leaning toward a pdf. I like to keep my shop fresh but I’m just not so great at shipping.

Thankfully no one has given me bad feedback (yet) but I’ve had two shipments get lost in the mail, one not get sent at all because I was waiting for the pay pal email to come through and it never did (probably something wrong with my email) and a couple of other orders I shipped twice! How hard can it be? Apparently too hard for a nincompoop like me.

Not sure. What are your thoughts?


  • Annika

    What about selling the PDF? I love free stuff but you should be getting something for your work! I’m pretty sure you can do auto-downloads with Paypal. I’ve bought a lot of knitting patterns that way.

  • bluejaye

    Most of the patterns on etsy are sold as pdf’s. You could always put a ‘teaser’ on here just for us…..then we go to etsy and purchase the rest.
    If it is sent as a pdf people an make as many copies as they want, but if they were giving them as gifts you would only be paid once instead of for each one.
    My pre-teens still like to color. I think this is a good idea.

  • Mrs. Wilson

    I did the ebay thing for a bit and I was NOT good at it. I find that you have to be SO SO SO organized to make it run perfectly, and that is not me.

    I’d LOVE a pdf though! Or a coloring book. I’d get either … or both … I’m a huge fan of your etsy shop! And I’ve received everything I’ve ordered and been COMPLETELY satisfied with it!!

  • SmockLady

    I, for one, love free stuff. But why don’t you a bit of both: pdf and charge? There are ways to create a link for a download section only available through a payment. there are some really great plug-ins available for this. If you are interested in them or this option e-mail me. I can help with this option if you want.

  • mama bear

    Totally sell pdfs. Sure, you can give some away for free to your dedicated readers and friends. Rest sell as pdf. Nowadays, EVERYONE who’s on your site has a printer attached to their coputer, and it’s sooo much easier then going to the store and buying a coloring book. Just go to your site, pay and print! Voila. And it will cost you less so you can sell it for less.

  • Super Sarah

    ooh, free stuff! But thats only because we have just got back from holiday and have MINUS money in the bank. I think a pdf on your etsy is a good idea but that said, when I do buy pdf’s I don’t ever seem to get around to printing them. Someone above mentioned knitting patterns, I just work off the crochet stuff on screen.

  • Carrie

    A color book is such a cute idea! I sold a bunch of stuff on ebay a couple of weeks ago and the shipping of stuff was insane! I never want to do that again.

  • Beth B.

    that’s a fun idea. i know- shipping is no fun; i’ve done a bit of selling on ebay and the shipping part is always not fun. i’m glad you mentioned this becuz you shipped my order twice, actually – and so i have one set to ship back to you for a few weeks now…. but read my second sentence – shipping is no fun. :-) so there it sits; on my countertop, waiting. coincidentally, usps didn’t cancel the stamps so postage is already paid. :-) i’ll get it off to you next week. but anyway – i like the coloring book idea; i love your work. unfortunately my son is as of yet not fond of coloring. maybe i could buy it for myself. :-) i love coloring.

    good luck with whatever you decide; i’m sure it will be great.

    Beth B. (tired mommy to an early-risin 4.5 yr old)

  • bluejaye

    Why not do both!!!!! You have such incredible ideas for packaging and that finishing touch. Offer both and we will all be happy.

    A coloring placemat???

  • Oopsy daisy

    HEY! That’s little bunny Foo Foo in that comic you made. You HAVE to sell that one! My kids grew up singing Little bunny foo foo and now my granddaughter sings it too. I am in agreement with the “sell the pdf” crowd. ebooks are all the rage right now so why not downloadable comic books? the average price is about $5.

    Good luck!

  • s

    I’d probably pay for a pdf, and also for a book. So maybe just do what seems least stressful…?

    I like the new banner! (does it mean ‘Hawaii here we come’?)

  • BeachMama

    I say you should sell them. I like the ideas about selling your pdf, at least get a little something for your work (meaning if people print a gazillion copies). But, you are also so creative it would be cool to see how you would make a colouring book :). I hear ya on the mailing. I have stuff on my dining table in piles waiting for me to package up. Tomorrow is supposed to be the day, will see if it happens or not.

  • Gramma

    My little ones thrived on the discipline of “keeping in the lines.” What a challenge! That little ditty, Little Bunny Foo Foo is one tune that will whirl around in your head all day.