little g and little h and special requests!

little g is for little giraffes!

Is it after five already and I haven’t written my special request Friday post? What is wrong with me?. Blame it on Bethany Actually. She instant messages me now and then and she is totally addicting. I’m such a chatterbox. I can’t stop when somebody chats back at me. It’s bad.

I’m so glad somebody asked me for a list because I can do a list! Below is a list of the special requests posts that I need to write.

List! Onward with the list! Listilistiness

1. The cat post. My mom has two cats that she needs to find homes for. It is really sad sad sad so we’re hoping that if I write something about them (and maybe put up a movie with really sad music) somebody will feel sorry for the poor kitties and offer to adopt them.

2. An underwear post. Somebody (who I will not name because he is a perv) has asked me to write a post that is about me and not about baby bug and maybe about shopping for underwear… little does he know that I did go shopping for underwear the other day and it was not one bit sexy. I would probably ignore this request but I have a very funny illustration in mind that is calling to get out of my head.

3. A list post (Done!)

4. A letter’s post (Done!)

5. A post about my ideal dream freelance assignment or my dream theme party. This oughtta be fun.

6. A post about growing up in the sticks. I can do that. I can probably find some really good pictures to go with it too. It’s not like we lived on a farm or anything but it isn’t the fancy schmancy OC either

7. A post about my craft ideas I never got around to. That will be a long one.

Well that should keep me busy for a good long while. Happy Weekend everybody!

little h is for little hats

Get your letters here!Oh no! You missed the free download. Stay tuned though. They will be for sale in my shop some day.


  • DeeJay

    That list is a great idea! You are such a great writer that no matter what you choose to write about it will be fun and entertaining and probably informative too. Woot!

    SAJ says: Thank you. But that is just silly. This has got to be one of my worst posts ever!

  • BeachMama

    I look forward to hearing about growing up in the sticks, you always make it sound so wonderful. Of course, I would take you beach living if I could anyday :).

    Love the letters, they are just the cutest little hats.

  • SmocknMama

    My three year old ran in my office as soon as he saw the letter H and screamed, “H-A-T-S! HATS! H IS FOR HATS!” Yes, I had to use all caps, because he did. I love the hats, but adore the giraffes. Bethany, we must chat, I need my dose of SAJ (no pressure); no hogging. heehee

  • Michelle

    Love the hats – their little bills are their smiles :o) Allrighty, so where do we sign up to chat with BethanyActually and SAJ? I’m just gonna throw it out in the universe that we start up a weekly day or evening chat on Yahoo (or wherever!)…that would be a stitch!!! What say ye?

  • Michelle

    Oops, not their little bills, their little thingys that wrap around the hat – What are they called? Yeah, those…they are the smiles :o)