• artsy fartsy,  my art is going to the dogs

    the left behinds

    Baby Bug inspects the paintings that came back home

    I brought my remaining dog paintings home from the Surf Dog Market yesterday. The Surf Dog Market is closing it’s Redondo Beach location so my paintings need a new place to go live. Somehow the remaining ones look really really sad without all their companion paintings.

    I think I have homes for the two big ones but if anybody really really really wants the smaller ones I could probably be convinced to send them to you for the cost of shipping. Or I might just paint over them. I think the little little ones wanted to be painted over. They want to be the story behind the painting. So somebody can say, “This painting used to be “Cool Paw Luke” but now it’s bla bla bla….” I don’t know. It kinda adds to the fun of paintings when they have a long story to go with them.

    little hands

    My favorite painting didn’t sell. I thought it would be a big hit with it’s light feature but maybe it’s just an eyesore. I still really like it. I’m going to give it to my brother. I know he’ll put it up in his bedroom, next to the eleventy-seven other reject paintings I’ve given him over the years. That’s what’s great about family. They like what you paint no matter what it is.

    blue coyotes

    Edited to add:

    These are the paintings that are still available:

    hippo dog

    cool paw luke

    'scuse me dog


    puffy parlor dog

    white dog

    and the blue coyote one pictured at top. Click on them for more details.