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    making tracks

    doll shoes

    I know I need to post some letters this week but I am making tracks out to the sticks so I’m out of time. Naptime will be spent in the car today and not on my laptop. You know how that goes. So how about we make this special request Friday.

    I already have two special requests (and the much needed letters) in the que so why not add yours to it? Maybe when I’m out at my moms, she will babysit and I will write up a weekend storm. Or paint. Either one.

    I’m heading out to the sticks for my Dad this time. As you know, yesterday was his birthday. Today he is having surgery. Nice present, right?. A small minor surgery, but surgery none the less. After he recovers he will be heading back on the road as a trucker again. We are all sad about that but his desk job just wasn’t cutting it financially. So I want to spend as much home time with him as I can before he makes tracks.

    If you want to be super sweet. Click over here and send my dad some happy birthday/get well/bon voyage wishes. Maybe a bunch of comments will coax him to actually write a post on my laptop while he is sitting in bed over the next few days.