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    Save Forrest!


    This is Forrest. Forrest, the Special Needs Cat. He was born with two gimpy back feet and he needs a home. Don’t you want to adopt him? Isn’t he cute? Maybe that’s not the best picture of him but maybe if you read the story below and then watch what I hope will be a heart gripping movie, you will want to hail a taxi, book a flight or jump in your car and head out to the sticks so you can adopt him.

    My Mom lives in a rural neighborhood where somebody a long time ago had a bunch of cats that weren’t neutered or spayed. These cats kept having more and more kittens until her whole neighborhood was overrun with cats. Many of them are feral. My Mom loves cats and she has quite a bit of property so she has, over the years, adopted several of them.

    First it was Bam Bam who she saved from a tree that was being cut down and nursed her to health with a little itty bitty baby bottle. Then there was Forrest and his brother Tiger. There were two litters after that where two kittens died because they were malnourished and that was last year. This year one of my mom’s own cats had kittens (because she didn’t make it to the clinic on the free spay day). Then Rapunzel was playing out in the neighborhood and found another litter where one kitten was caught in a vent of a mobile home, hung up on his own afterbirth.

    Long story short, my mom has eleven cats. That is eight cats too many.

    The major problem is that there are too many male cats in my mom’s house. When male cats live together, they mark their territory and sometimes that territory can be your couch or the bath mat or the pile of pajamas you left on the floor. You get the picture. It’s pretty nasty. My mom manages to stay on top of it usually but my Dad has put his foot down and said Forrest and Joey (next post) have to go. Meaning if we don’t find a home for them, they have to be put to sleep. Ugh.

    My mom doesn’t want to get rid of Forrest the Gumpy Cat but she has to. He’s such a sweet kitty but he needs to be in a home where he is the only cat and where the cat box is changed regularly. He needs attention. He needs someone who can scratch his ears for him when he can’t reach them with his flippy back feet. Forrest just needs some special care. Maybe you will watch this movie and be that person.

    Run Forrest Run from secretagentjo on Vimeo.

    Did you cry? Did you sniffle? Or did you just wonder why my mom has so many ugly plastic chairs? How could you not love that cat? Did the sad music get you a little bit? I really tried. My Dad thinks people are going to read this post and think that they are horrible people who should have put Forrest to sleep a long time ago because he can’t enjoy life like a normal cat. I don’t think so. I think Forrest is a happy cat and deserves to live out his life naturally. What do you think?

    Are you with me? SAVE FORREST! Everybody stand up and yell “Save Forrest!” Okay, you don’t have to do that but if you can help or know of anybody who can help, we would love to hear about it in the comments or via email. If you are on my Dad’s side of the fence, I’m sure he’d like to hear your thoughts too. And if you want some plastic chairs…. let me know!

    Update: I forgot I had blogged about him before!