• Slow News Day

    into the unknown

    walking into the light

    Not sure what’s next but thought I’d post anyway just to keep moving.

    Update: A public apology has been made. It’s getting better.

    p.s. In my recent paranoid state, I have protected a lot of my pictures on my flickr site. If you are accustomed to viewing pictures of Baby Bug this way and now they are suddenly missing, email me and I will upgrade you to “friend”. ‘Cause I’m sure you are. I just didn’t want to convert all my “contacts” to “friend” and have some people wondering why the sudden friendliness.

  • BIG news,  Life Lessons

    thank you, internet

    The image is down.

    I am a great big puddle of relief and thankfulness. You guys. You are a FORCE to be reckonned with. I didn’t ask you to do anything but you did anyway.

    I want to do something to thank you and to mark this turning point in history for me. Make a t-shirt, make a logo, make something that says “Never underestimate the power of the internet” or something. I don’t know yet. I lay awake all night trying to think of some way to say something about this issue. I want to start a movment to protect other photographers and artists and small websites who don’t have an army of commenters like I do.

    Stealing isn’t cool and sometimes the internet feels like the wild wild west. But it’s not. It’s an amazing community of friends that I couldn’t pick better if I tried. You guys amaze me. I owe you. Thank you for fighting for me. Thank you from my heart. If you listen you can hear all my little illos jumping up and down and cheering in little mouse voices.

    As soon as I figure out some way to give back, I will.

    Update: A public apology has been made. It’s getting better.