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    Chop! Chop!


    Today I woke up and decided I was done with my crazy long hair. It’s been this way for a year now and I pretty much don’t like it. It’s not unhealthy. I think I have less split ends than I have ever had in my life (thank you Baby Bug, and the pony tail I wear every single day) but it looks unhealthy. And yes, I’ve learned from Whoorl that all I have to do is spend ten minutes a day styling it but I am one of those people who somehow can’t be bothered with ten minutes. I know. Ten stinking minutes.

    So I called up my parents and told them it was an emergency. I needed help with child care STAT. It’s so great to have parents close by who are impulsive and will just hop in their car and come running to your rescue at a moment’s notice. My parents must be nuts. That and my Dad is on doctor’s orders to rest while he heals from his hernia surgery.

    My Dad has been going crazy with boredom. Driving in to visit me and Baby Bug was probably a welcome change. You can only sit and knit for so long when you are a workaholic, like he is. He can’t go back on the road for a month and he is beside himself. Not to mention broke and needing the paycheck he could earn if he was driving.

    So they hopped in their car and arrived just in time for me to hand off Baby Bug and watch my long locks land on the floor with a silent but very satisfying flop. She chopped eight inches off and I didn’t even flinch. I’ve done this so many times. I am the queen of drastic make overs. I’m just no good at keeping up a style. I like to let my hair grow out until it looks like Cousin It and then whack it into shape. There is nothing so thrilling as drastic change.


    More photos here for those who are into hair. My mom and Dad got their hair cut too. It was a regular family affair. Alas, Baby Bug did not but we did talk to the stylist about it and there may be Bug Haircut in the future.

    swoop bangs

    After my hair cut I decided to take my parents down to the tide pools and see if we could recreate some of the fun I had yesterday with the wonder-mini-van-frog camera. It was fun but I think I broke my camera. I KNOW!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

    I ruined my camera for this? from secretagentjo on Vimeo.

    It’s the stupid sand. I thought the camera was invincible but I guess I was wrong. I held the camera on the sand and let a little wave hit it. I thought it would make a cool underwater movie. Well, it made a kind of a stupid movie and now I have sand stuck under the shutter button and it is sticking. It’s not broken but if I thought the hesitation was bad before now I am stuck in HESITATION LAND! Ack! My kingdom for a camera that I cannot break!

    “Maybe you shouldn’t be sticking it in waves,” said Toby

    “I was going to make this really really cool movie with a wave splashing over the viewfinder!” I try to explain. He didn’t buy it.

    “I’m sure it would be really really cool to make a movie of a car running over your camera too. Are you going to film that? Or a bullet hitting the lens?”

    Harumph. I guess he has a point.

    Thankfully, I am prepared. I bought the super duper expensive warranty on this thing and I am going to take it back. The camera store said they would fix anything, no questions asked. But I don’t even think I really did anything wrong. It’s waterproof! You should be able to stick it in the ocean. What do they expect? That I’m only going to take pictures in the rain? Their big ad campaign is all about surfers shooting waves. How can surfers not get sand in their cameras? Something is fishy.

    urchin eyes

    But when I do get it fixed, I think I might refrain from taking wave pictures. Maybe I’ll stick to puddles and water fountains and lakes for a while.