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OMSH is fixing my code for me. (Because she is a code whiz and I hired her, you should too) I didn’t like how horizontal pictures butted right up to my ad on the right. How does it look to you? I use safari on a 15″ apple laptop… so maybe it looks better on your browser. If anybody is using IE6 out there, let me know if things are wonky.


  • be good

    Looks good using Opera v9.

    It’s just as sad as ever on the mobile phone (gotta scroll past pages and pages of left-side and right-side graphics to get to the posting at the very bottom). If you are tweaking, perhaps the ads could be dropped for mobile viewers (or put on the bottom rather than the top)?

    I thought twice about posting, but if no one says, then you don’t know? right? oh, and there’s toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe. No one else told you that either, did they?

  • josephine

    I never even thought about people viewing this on a mobile viewer. It’s like I’m stuck in 1998! So how would one drop ads for mobile viewers? Is that an option?

  • Laura (aka Laurie)

    I don’t understand anything you guys are talking about :) I just know every morning I grab my coffee or warm tea and hope for a baby bug fix. It all looks good to me! Have fun in the sticks.

  • OMSH

    be good has me checking my iphone. Okay, iphone shows it just like it does on my 19″ laptop, BUT I get a hankering your issue is WordPress’ default function of placing the sidebar calls right above the content call.

    Let me ask you – do you come in through the main URL or the page (is there a favorite you click thru or a reader of some sort you use)?

  • silver

    I’m no code wiz, but I *think* that you can put the entry before the sidebars in your code and the stylesheets take care of placing them where they need to go. That way mobile users see the entry first and the sidebars second. But I haven’t done any webpage coding in four years, so don’t count on anything I say as being correct!

  • OMSH

    silver – THAT IS the case (you code whiz, you) in most situations, but if you are using a theme that has made a lot of CSS mods, moving the call for the sidebars can totally miff things up. This theme was not written by me, but if you view it, you can see that the CSS is a it finicky b/c of its structure.

  • OMSH

    Yep, just tried moving the call below the content and the content shifted. It’d have to be re-coded to allow for the sidebar calls to come in under the content.

  • BeachMama

    I use IE, for now, and it always looks great on my computer, the photos have never been butted up against the ads for me. On the rare occaision I have to scroll down for the post, but that hasn’t happened in a long time.

    Love the green blanket.

  • Michelle

    Oy! I have no idea what everyone is talking about, but I can say that I think it looks great! I noticed Baby Bug first, and then SAJ – cute sweater, btw!

  • familymclean

    Ha, didn’t even notice you till I read the comments, cute, and it looks good to me, and I have no idea about anything code-ish.
    Still catching up on all your posts from the past week, sheesh, I go away for a few days and you get a new camera, have fun adventures with green socks, so much to read!

  • Island Mummy

    I use Mozilla as we don’t use IE on any of our computers : p
    I have never seen the problem you are talking about.