Slow News Day

into the unknown

walking into the light

Not sure what’s next but thought I’d post anyway just to keep moving.

Update: A public apology has been made. It’s getting better.

p.s. In my recent paranoid state, I have protected a lot of my pictures on my flickr site. If you are accustomed to viewing pictures of Baby Bug this way and now they are suddenly missing, email me and I will upgrade you to “friend”. ‘Cause I’m sure you are. I just didn’t want to convert all my “contacts” to “friend” and have some people wondering why the sudden friendliness.


  • comfortablycrazy

    I love this shot!!!! I still can’t believe how adorable she is.
    Tell her that SuperChic makes me sing “Dear, Dear” for her so she can learn the words. I think she wants to be able to sing it to BB herself.
    (This must go in next years calendar.)

  • lynne

    I’m glad the fracas is over and that you can breathe a sigh of relief. I’ve been reading about your MySpace smackdown via Comfortablycrazy’s website which I missed as I was in Canada touring with my family last Summer, and I thought what you did was hilarious! Harmless revenge which perfectly fitted the crime. Have a beautiful day in California.

  • Jenna

    A note about changing your security setting on a photo: it breaks all links, anywhere you have posted them. So your archives may now be fraught with “This Photo is Currently Unavailable” messages. Just a heads up if you’re anal about at least looking like everything works.

    I really like the photo!

  • SmocknMama

    Yes, I’ve done some similar changing and it does break the links. It’s a slow process but I’m changing them one by one. In some cases, I’m adding the edited picture and changing the blog post img src, In other cases, I’m using the “replace this photo” link on the photo page. Tedious, but worth it. Now ALL my public images are watermarked (or ALL are going to be). I still upload the same image without the watermark for the “Friends and Family” crowd, and of course for archival and product ordering bits. My flickr has needed a reorganization and makeover for a long time.

    p.s. – I hope you get your package today.

  • OMSH

    Oh! I love this shot too! She is too adorable for words.

    The new header looks fun and totally seasonal in a cool way. I forgot to mention that before, but I smile every time I click through!

  • eticket

    Ladies are so sweet and level headed. I’m still pissed and all this watermarkin and protectin irks me. Or rather the necessity for it.

  • Rae

    She’s beautiful and this is a great photo.
    It’s so sad that all this had to happen, I missed the fracas, but I’m sad and you are so generous with your art, you don’t deserve it. (Not that anyone does.)

  • Rhi

    Delurking! I’d love to be upgraded to a friend too – my flickr name is RhiRhi.

    I’ve done the same thing with my photos because some TOTALLY perverted people were making comments on some of my photos. And, also, apparently, there are people who have braces (on teeth!) fetishes, so they’ve been favoriting tons of photos. Ick! Too bad for them, I got my braces off months ago.

  • Laura (aka Laurie)

    No longer a slow news day. I am glad they publicly addressed the situation. Now they know who they need to hire to have the best ever illustrations. Thanks for all of the posts and great pictures. I really like your painting for the red swaparoni.

  • MomnPop

    Love your new banner.

    Wow. I didn’t check in for a couple days, so am a little late hearing this awful story. So glad that company apologized. What a shock. It’s amazing people think they can get away with that. Why don’t people just hire YOU to design their stuff if they like your style??? What is up with that? Your illustration style is so distinctive it’s just crazy they thought they could get away with it. Sorry you had to endure the stress, and I’m relieved it’s getting worked out. I hope the end of the story is this just makes you all the more famous and beloved for your awesome work, because that is what you deserve. Sorry also that you feel like you have to go into lockdown now. One thing to consider is at least you have a whole bevy of fans who see your work as it gets posted, and are here to back you if this happens again. Good luck and don’t let it get you down…though I know getting your work stolen does not feel very flattering, it never would have happened if you weren’t so talented.

  • Aurora

    Please make me a friend… I’m delurking, but love the pictures, and I’m SO glad your illo is your own again! Much better than what happened to Sweet Juniper… the outcome I mean, the stealing was similar.
    And, aren’t you glad your illo is no longer next to those ugly “initimates” ads on that site?

  • Kami

    Love the photo of BB :-)
    I too noticed all the ads for intimates on the apology post. Weird.
    At least they apologized. It’s a start.

  • Keely

    I made all my images of Zoe visable to friends only and removed every pic from my blog. It makes me sad to do it, but I feel better. Glad to see you got a written apology… you certainly deserved it. :)

  • Gretchen

    Very good.

    I do love how they made the apology all about them “We were seriously defrauded” and “We will also take action against the designer at fault for the damaged she caused to Moms’ Buzz.”

    The damage to Moms’ Buzz?

    What action do they plan to take? Are they going to write you a check?

    I shouldn’t get all worked up about this. Really, they could have said nothing and let it go.

    Ah well. Moving on…

  • Jessica

    Thank goodness…The apology they issued was nice I thought… But I’m really glad that part is behind you now.
    Love the picture of BB, she’s growing up so quickly!

  • Mama_Bear

    SAJ, take your illos off Flickr but leave BabyBug on there…. If you blog from Flickr, your images won’t show now.

    Also, when you change a contact to a “Friend”, they won’t get any notifications… so no one will be wondering why the sudden friendliness.
    Add me if you haven’t alraedy, mama_bear.


  • BeachMama

    I really love that photo of BB. And am glad you got a public appology (a link to you would have been nice) and hopefully next time they will just hire you directly :).

    And I too forgot to mention your awesome banner, I love it, but that should be no surprise ;).

  • Julie

    That’s a great photo of BBug. I’m delurking today. Whoorl inspired me. I have a little guy that’s a month older than your bug. It’s been fun reading your blog and charting her growth along w/ his.

  • Vicky

    Just to let you know, your illo is still on their site on the page that accepts your information after signing up for their newsletter. *blush*won’t tell you exactly how I know, but has something to do with signing up for their newsletter with a fake name (ie: URA THIEF) yesterday when they wouldn’t let us comment. I am twelve, obviously. But then I tried it again today and it still has the same pic on the newsletter acceptance page. You might want to write them a nice little note to let them know that picture hasn’t totally been eradicated from their site.

  • erin rae

    Just read the public apology. At least it makes me feel better that they didn’t purposefully steal it – they were screwed over too.

    What an ordeal – hope you are relaxing with an adult beverage now…

    Just “friend-ed” you on Flickr, cause I don’t want to lose my daily fix of BB!

  • Angelica

    I do have to say that I feel sorry for the other bloggers. I think they took the high road and did the right thing by posting an apology. If they had bad intentions I guess they would just go the Perez Hilton and not care.

  • Jude

    So happy to hear the news about those ungrateful people!!!

    Love your site, and your last post made me finally write and leave a mean note one on the ‘other web site’ first. So alas, I have delurked because of them. Justed wanted to say how I think you are soooooo creative and your daugther is just way to cute.

  • Lori

    Well, they apologized. And they gave a story about another company and a designer who was at fault. But they didn’t name anyone .. and .. am I the only cynical one here?!

  • Kaili

    I just wanted to say that I LOVE that September banner winners design for “The Smock Lady”. In the sidebar. It is SO cute! Keep up the awesome work, it’s all so adorable, i love your style!

  • witchypoo

    Lori, you are not the only cynical one, I was thinking…”how convenient”
    Yeah, who is the nameless designer, the one who no longer works at the nameless agency?

  • ~moe~

    delurking…I think I delurk once a year or so. I love your site SAJ – you are so very talented and Baby Bug is just adorable.

    I’m really glad you received the must needed apology from the site using your work unjustly. I see they are going to take action against the designer who originally stole it…have you thought more about taking action yourself? I hope so. You deserve to be compensated for the violation.

    Keep on keeping on! You’re awesome!

  • adriana

    What a great picture of the bug! :)

    I just read what happened to you. That totally sucks. Maybe you are going to have to put a watermark or something on some of the designs that you do share. That phony designer must really feel stupid now.

    Anyway, I hope that you guys are doing well.

  • Bethany Actually

    What a great photo, and it pairs so perfectly with the post title. Did the photo inspire the title, or was it just a coincidence? :-)

    You know whatever’s next for you, we all hope you don’t ever have to go through this again!

    SAJ says: The photo inspired the title. I knew it was going to blow out like that but I didn’t know I would like it so much.

  • del4yo

    I won’t ask to be considered a firen for it’s the first time I come here…I just discovered your blog And I love it I love it I love it.

    Being a mom and an illustrator and a blogger I understand what you’ve been through. I sincerely hope you feel much better :)

  • margalit

    I’m so glad it’s over and done with and with little harm done. But it still burns me up to know that someone would take an illo and use it as a masthead.

    I want to be your flickr friend. Can you add me?

  • :: jozjozjoz ::

    Just weighing in on the adorable BB photo + the whole Mom Buzz situation.

    I love this shot of BB and the title is just perfect.

    I’m sorry you have to go through this junk with Mom Buzz, but it looks like they weren’t intending to violate copyright, etc. Still sucks for all involved; it looks like everyone was victimized by the perp. Doh.

  • Sandra

    A thing to try is something that I saw on another blog ( – they take pictures when they do reviews of restaurants (eating is my other passion) –
    The pix have a watermark and a note: ‘You can use our images, if you leave watermark or reference Please do not image link us. Thanks.’ Maybe you can do that with your pix on Flickr?

  • Margie

    Would love to be a friend on flickr. I think my username there is “PHS_Wrestling” (because I set up that username on another site where I was posting my kids team’s wrestling photos), and that site allows photos to be imported (exported? transferred) from flickr.

    This should work:

    I need to add photos, though. We’ve gotten a new PC at home, and are still in transition.

    i was disappointed that the momsbuzz site didn’t acknowledge you by name; instead you’re some “artist in California.” Did you want anonymity? Some people would, I guess.

  • Susie Sunshine

    Dear Offended Artist,

    I’m glad this whole dealio is over, but if this causes you to lock up your wonderful illustrations, I still reserve the right to kick some Mom Buzz ass.

  • pixie sticks

    I just tried to comment on your amazing red-booted ballerina on flickr and couldn’t. Anyway it’s amazing. You need an etsy shop for all your lovely work. I’m going to go add you as a contact on flickr and would be delighted to be upgraded to friend so I can comment.