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I hate my new camera!

it's ugly

Ugh. I bought a new camera yesterday. Because I’m spoiled and I’m married to a photographer and I can’t stand letting one day go by without documenting it with five hundred pictures. Also, the sand castle festival is coming up and Heather B is visiting. The thought of those two events going by without a camera is more than my blogging heart can bear.

aaaagh! my eyes!

So, I broke down and bought a mom camera. A camera that cannot be broken by sand or water or a sippy cup spilling on it in my purse. It’s waterproof and smash proof. I think I could dip it in apple sauce and then drive over it with my car and it will still be okay. In other words, it’s Brenda proof.

But that wasn’t enough, I also bought a two year warranty because apparently one out of ten of these things is defective and I want to be able to take it back and get a new one if I am that unlucky tenth person. Which I usually am unless I buy the warranty, of course. Four hundred bucks later (a whole month’s worth of freelance pay) I have the ugliest camera on the planet. I’m almost embarrassed to be seen with it.

and it's slow

I hate it! It’s terrible. It’s like the mini-van of cameras. I am a die hard canon fan and this is like forcing me to drive a Chrysler after I’ve been driving an Audi for five years. It’s slow. It’s ugly and it has mushy breaks. Plus, it has all these features with icons that make me feel like I’m dumb. It’s like the adult version of a FisherPrice camera. Push this button to print. Push that button to make a movie. And if you can’t read, don’t worry there’s a picture of a dog so you know to select that feature if you want to take a picture of your dog. Actually the icons are kind of cute but there are so many of them.

The thing is like a little mini computer. You can pretty much do everything on your camera that I would normally do on my computer in photoshop. There are filters so you can turn your picture any color of the rainbow. You can crop. You can add effects. You can pretty much design a four color brochure and send it to press from your camera. Just kidding. But it is overkill for someone like me. That’s what you pay graphic designers to do. There shouldn’t be a function on your camera for turning a picture orange. It’s just overkill.

The only person I can imagine loving this camera would be a really really really bored grandmother on a cruise ship with nothing to do all day long but play with her camera. (Nothing against grandmothers.) Maybe that grandmother has bad eyesight so the super big buttons and giant lcd screen are just the thing. Oh and maybe they dropped it overboard while they were in Cabo and some nice scuba diver caught it and returned it to them with pictures and a movie of a dolphin.

Actually, I think this camera is the answer to every focus group complaint that ever existed. It is absolutely completely idiot proof. Which should be perfect for me. The thing is. I’m not ready to admit I’m an idiot. I’m supposed to be some kind of Artist! Photographer! etc etc. I can’t be carrying around some dolt camera.

Maybe I should just stop getting sand in my camera.

pah face

But it does take decent pictures at the beach… so maybe I’ll just suck up my pride and use it anyway.


  • hue

    Hey, a camera is a camera! Think of it as a way to continue charming your readers. And remember, it’s all about the eye, not so much the equipment.

  • Lexi

    Hey, if it takes pictures and is sand-proof….Well, I’m with you on the Canon thing. Except my Canon Powershot is a point-and-shoot (I’m way too broke for an SLR) with big stupid icons, too.

    I also feel the need to document every day with 500 pictures. I’m also stupid-I kept them all on a CD because they quit fitting on my computer….and lost the CD. I will find it someday, I hope. I refuse to move from this apartment until I do.

  • dee

    Not at all related to the camera (although I’m glad you can still take pictures!) but I just wanted to tell you that I love the new header. It is just perfect for October!

  • Kuky

    Hey I own that camera and love it! I’m not a bored grandma!! No just kidding. :) I don’t own or love that camera.

    But are you planning to get another camera or fix your old one so the mom camera is only for the beach?

    SAJ says: Yeah. I’m on a three year savings plan (or pennance for breaking three cameras) for a really nice SLR. Toby hates it that I need TWO cameras but it’s just plain sad that I keep breaking the nice ones by taking them to the beach. I just wish this fugly camera only cost $50 instead of $299 plus warranty. Ugh.

  • erin rae

    I won’t lie. My first thought was “I didn’t realize they still make digital point and shoots that big!” :-)

    I totally hear where you are coming from. However…. as a die hard lover of my SLR, I do have moments where the old little point and shoot would be good. I’d love to have my best lens’ with me at all times, but I can’t be bothered to drag around my whole photo bag. And I’m kind of a wimp about taking photos in situations where the camera could get screwed up (a la kids at the beach!)

    So – I think your new camera is the perfect solution. Maybe you could just sell some extra dog paintings and make that 2 year timeline to the SLR a little shorter? :-)

    Perhaps you need to embrace the fug? You know how sometimes people with really crappy cars decorate them with even more colors of paint?

  • nina

    Okay, okay, I fess up. I am the type of person who needs your mom camera.

    But- we must promise ourselves this- NO MOM JEANS!!!

    Thanks for taking pictures. I’m sorry the other camera broke but you are up and running again.

    You are inspiring me SAJ, in my “old age” (my kids are college age) with your clever website to go out and learn how how to put my pictures on the internet and do my own webpage. You are inspiration!

  • aimee/greeblemonkey

    Umm, before I started reading and glanced at the pic, I thought, “she got a WAHHHH?” and would have many of the same feelings about the camera as you do… but I have a “dummy camera” too (as my old photo teacher used to call them) and they *are* worth a day at the beach in the sand… so just feed good in the knowledge that you know the difference, and we know you know the difference. ;)))

  • froglette79

    There is nothing wrong with having two cameras. I am somewhat of a camera junkie. I buy new ones but can’t bring myself to throw out the old ones (3mp? blech. But, don’t throw it out!) You never know, right? Currently, I have three, plus one that is broken that I used to love, love, love. I keep saying I am going to fix it. Ha.

  • Amy

    It’s makes my heart so sad that you hate your Pentax. Pentax is my brand of camera. My very first SLR was a Pentax K1000 and just this year I bought my very first SLR digital, a K100D. Pentax cameras are the little cameras that could. I hope it ends up becoming your very favorite mom camera ever. And if it does, I won’t tell anyone.

    SAJ says: Oh no! I’m not dissing Pentax as a brand. I used a Pentax K1000 (I think that’s what it was, you know the one with the little light meter lever on the inside of the view finder and the film advance counter thing taht always broke… that one) for a whole year in college. I loved that little film camera. It was so simple. I miss the old days. But this new fangled Pentax is not the same thing at all.

  • Michelle

    I love the line where the scuba diver comes back to Gramma with a movie of a dolphin – hahahaha :o) Yay for the new camera, as we love all of your pics! (Just as an aside) – My brother and sis-in-law are expecting in April…I’m a fool for cute pacies like the ones your BB has. Where did you get them? They are too cute! Guess I should ask if they are going to let their baby use them before I go and buy the world’s supply of them, eh? I was going to say something else, but now I forget what is was – grrrr.

    SAJ says: Bethany Actually gave us those pacifiers. I was on a mission to find “breathable” pacifiers because Baby Bug has contact dermatitus from teething and drooling constantly and Bethany sent them to us. These seem to help some. They are made by Munchkin. You can find them at Target and (surprisingly) at Stater Bros (if you are local). Here is the Munchkin link. I couldn’t find a Target link but I’ve bought them there so I know they have them. Or at least some stores have them.

  • Susan

    Love my cameras! Definitely great to have two even if you hate the new one. Might help Baby Bug learn how to use a nice camera with all those Icons. =)
    Oh and you could keep it in your pocket and whip it out only when you need to quickly take a picture and then whip it back into your pocket or mommy bag so no one sees it? ;-)

  • becky

    my husband has an older, boxier version of that one. he works on a fishing boat and at the landing. since he’s around so much saltwater, it’s perfect for him.

    don’t worry, after you get used to your minivan, it won’t feel like you’re drawing so much attention to yourself. ;)

  • Lori

    hey, i just want to stress i recommended this as a *second*, *beach* camera, not your main camera. i use mine in the kayak. same diff. :^)

  • Bethany Actually

    Hey, are you dissin’ my minivan? Don’t knock it till you’ve made a cross-country trip with three adults and a toddler in its leather-seated, built-in-DVD-playered comfort! That was what won me over to the dark side.

    I hope the camera improves upon acquaintance. It does seem awfully big. Is that related to the water- and smashproofness? Maybe you could take erin rae’s suggestion and color all over it with Sharpies or something. You could look at it as an artistic challenge!

  • The Chatty Housewife

    Nice pretty pretty princess pacifiers, very cute. Oh yeah, and nice mom camera too, it will really come in handy at the beach, and now you can take pictures of BB in the water, that would be neat. Can it be intentionally put right into the water? It would be neat to get some of those 1/2 water 1/2 people/scenery shots.

    Anyways, I am rambling again. Funny post, I enjoyed reading it.

  • LeAnne

    hmm i need new camera. one that’s bomb proof. the last one broke cuz i took photos in the rain of spandex-wearing cyclists. apparently thats not a good thing but do they tell you that when you buy the camera? no. its one of those things you’re supposed to know. so if that camera’s waterproof and sandproof and everything else proof maybe i should look into it. are you happy with the photos it takes? i can put up with a little ugliness if it takes good shots.

  • hello insomnia

    I just upgraded to a canon 30d and it is such an improvement over the bulky point and shoot Minolta I’ve had since they invented digital cameras. I think I could get a pretty penny for it on Antiques Roadshow. For real.

  • Molly

    I hate my Canon! It takes forever to actually take a picture, so by the time it shoots the perfect moment is over! It is so frustrating trying to take pictures of a kid with this camera. You press the button and then WAIT WAIT WAIT. Then it snaps when everyone’s eyes are closed and they are on to the next thing. Grrr. I need a new camera! Because I just stopped taking pics altogether! I think I am just going to video.

  • margalit

    If you saw the camera I use, the ONLY digital camera in our house, you would give that big old Minivan camera a huge kiss and thank the lord that you have it. Try living with an Olympus 1.3 megapixel Cammedia from 2000. Um, yeah. It works, it takes decent, if grainy pics, and it’s all I’m ever gonna own unless I win that lottery I don’t play, so I’m grateful to have it and have learned to love it despite the fact that it is bulky, heavy, and ugly. And doesn’t make videos. :-(

  • dana

    I’m 31, childless, and I love my mini-van! I’m making it sexy again (if it ever were…) and you will totally make that camera the hottest new thing! Hello!! Sandproof?! So cool!

  • stillheidi

    Hi Brenda!
    I’m sorry about your camera…I hear ya, I’ve remained faithful to my D70..but, I just had to have it professionally cleaned after a summer of sand! So, a mom proof camera is sounding pretty good to me too.

    I have a question though…I want to enter your banner contest b/c I just started a blog and have no idea how to do all the pretty magic that you do here….but, I can’t seem to email you. When I click on the email button on your site it takes me to some ‘wizard’ and I have to enter things like what server I use for email…and it makes me want to bang my head on my desk…So, can you just tell me your email address?

  • carrien

    Um…. I always just put my camera in a ziplock bag when I take it to the beach, or on long trips in my purse. Keeps water and sand out, I just make sure I put it back in the bag when I’m not using it. JUst saying…. but I couldn’t take it swimming or anything to get dolphin pictures/

  • jonb

    soooo…I’m not quite clear..you DON’T like the camera?

    We’re a Canon SLR family, however, it’s nice to have the small point-n-shoot around for quick candid shots. We had the digial Elph (550, I think), but it was stolen from us last week. Not sure if we’ll replace it anytime soon, but I’ll keep your ‘review’ in mind when selecting my next camera. Gracias.

    SAJ says: No, I don’t like it. I hate it, in fact. It is slow and the lcd screen is dark and hard to see when you are outside. In order to save the battery it dims almost immediately so you have to walk around with the shutter button half depressed just so you can see what you are framing. Overall: it sucks. The only thing good about it is that the pictures are so bad I am forced to “fix” them in photoshop… which is something I should do anyway. I just used to be too lazy.

  • Leta

    This camera needs a positive spin. It’s not a “mom” camera or a “mini-van” camera. It’s a beach camera! It’s a margarita-proof camera! You can drink and take pictures at the beach and not kill the camera! You can let Baby Bug play with it and not worry if she drops it! You can let Baby Bug play with it at the beach while you drink margaritas! Yay!!!!