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The Baby Bug Channel

Channel Baby Bug

Hi! Did you want to tune into Channel Baby Bug? Hah Hah. Well, there you go.

pink dog, deconstructed

Flipping over to the SUMMER IS GOING TO THE DOGS channel, I finished this pink dog! It’s called, “Pink Dog, Deconstructed” but you can call her “Armadillo Dog”, everybody else is. Or “Icky Mauve Dog” for those of you who hate mauve.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of painting dogs. I finished up TWO today and am in the middle of a very very cool TOP SECRET painting that I’m not going to show you on this blog BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO COME TO THE SHOW and see if for yourself. It’s really neat with a light feature! After the show, I’ll put pictures up here but not until then.

Oh you wanted to watch the Baby Bug Channel and you are tired of that other silly dog channel? Hmmmmf. Well. Okay. We’ll compromise. It’s Baby Bug AND Dog Prints on the BABY BUG DOG CHANNEL!

digital test prints

Baby Bug is helping with the framing of the dog digital prints. Notice how they are in the middle of the coffee table. That’s because when I lined them up on the floor, she thought they were blocks and promptly knocked them over and then tried to stack them. So if they have a few nicks in the frames, you can blame Baby Bug.

It’s amazing what cheap IKEA frames can do to your art. It makes crappy ink jet print outs on cheap office paper look all puurty and stuff. These are not the final prints. I’m just trying to make up my mind what I’m going to frame… When I decide, I’ll print them on really nice archival paper and have a pro do it for me.

The show is only eight days away. I’m SOOOOOOO excited!

p.s. letters coming later.


  • DeeJay

    Never would have know that they were ink jet prints! Very nice! Wish I could come to the show, but I’ll just have to wait until after to see the big mystery painting unveiling.

  • Caroline

    Those are fantastic! Man, I wish I lived any where near the west coast so I could come see them in person! Baby Bug sure does have a talented mommy!

  • Gramma

    Auntie J says BB ought to learn lower case letters. When do you ever need the alphabet in order?

    SAJ says: I saw that. I think I’ll do lower case on the back. I’m only going in order because it’s easy.

  • Mrs Mogul

    Ikea should come to florida as the decor pieces own here are HIDEOUS! Those look sooo chic. As for the BABY BUG CHANNEL I am calling right now to the cable companies to put it on!

  • OMSH

    harumph … i can’t go to the show.
    for that, i’m sad

    and yea, mauve is for the dogs … er … cats

    make that deconstructed dog in orange and I’m with you!

  • Lady S

    I guessed who the mauve hater was before mousing over the link. I like it. Its purdy.

    And just a note for Gramma from a second grade teacher…
    phone books
    cities with lettered streets
    Sesame Street

  • Margie

    AFAIC this has always been “The Baby Bug channel!” :D Love it!

    You know what else is really neat? Suddenly there’s a cute little pink dog icon (or is it a pink cat?, hard for me to tell) next to “Secret Agent Josephine” on my Bookmarks list! So cool!

  • adriana

    Wow, those are really nice! :) I can see a big improvement over time as you have cranked these out. It is like you hit your groove or something with this project.


  • Bethany Actually

    *sniff* I wish I could come see the top secret painting with a light feature in person! But I will be sending supportive vibes your way and will say a prayer for you that day. :-)

  • BeachMama

    Oooh, I love the mauve painting! And BB channel, how cute would that actually be? And did you actually return to IKEA in person after the desk incident or did you have these frames lying around? I love the prints.

  • Chris

    Love the mauve print- actually, have loved all that you shared.

    Does the dog in the top right print have coffee? Because he looks like me in dog form. Any plans for selling digital prints online???? :)

  • Liza's Eyeview

    I love the first photo of your child in a “box house”. It’s a keeper!

    Good luck on the show. Those dog prints are so cute! The painting and the prints are adorable!

  • Beth

    BB channel…sign me up! she’s such a cutie! love the box pic, her smile is so sweet.
    Mauve dog would fit in my home! my fav color (don’t tell me hubby it’s our bedroom color hehehe) You dogs are very nice, wish i lived close enough to come. Best Wishes and congrats on your big event!