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that's mr. pupcake, to you

Guess what kind of cupcakes we’re going to have a the Dog Art Gallery Show? Pupcakes of course! I made some test samples at my mom’s. These are regular red velvet box mix ones with cream cheese frosting, darkened with cocoa. I think we’ll make up a whole varity for the show. White cake mix with chocolate chips could be dalmations. Coconut topped ones could be fluffy poodles. Of course there’s every shade of chocolate which are all happy dog colors. I could go on and on…

If you’re on a diet, you can take this one home.


It has zero calories.


  • justJENN

    You did it! Yay you.

    SAJ says: Well, I made the first test batch. We are getting five volunteers to help make all 400 cupcakes. Don’t worry. We already have volunteers. I just wanted to make sure you know I’m not completely insane and making them all myself (or making my sil and mom make them for me like the slave driver that I am).

  • Rhi

    Just like Strawberry Shortcake’s doggy!

    (I know, I should grow up. But, whatever, I have nieces! I know that because of them!)

    SAJ says: Oh Yeah! I forgot about him. I LOVE strawberry shortcake. I have nearly the whole set stored somewhere in my mom’s garage. I hope I’m not infringing on any copyrights with these cupcakes.

  • Annie

    SAJ! You’re tempting me to get some paints and canvas and give it a go! I’ve been loving all your painting posts. Keep at it, you’re shining!

  • Denise

    Will you offer your paintings for sale to those of us who are too far away to attend your show? How much are you charging?

    SAJ says: Probably. Everybody has been egging me on to open a etsy shop. I probably won’t do this until the show is over. I think they are going to keep my paintings up for a month or so. I’m not sure. I’ll keep you posted on that. Regarding charging… I’m clueless right now. The Karma Rescue even coordinator is going to help me price them. If anybody has any pricing advice, I’d love to hear it.

  • Gramma

    Great idea! Even baking on these hot days? Maybe later in the month it will be better. Guess I’m dreaming.

    SAJ says: It was hot. Sweat was dripping down my back and Mom had her swamp cooler on full blast.

  • Kate B.

    I am so captivated by this dog phase and all these wonderful dog creations! The pupcakes are so cute – you should run with it and make all sorts of different ones with wacky decorations. Although, like Gramma says above, I think it would be too hot for all that baking. I am in PA and its too hot for ME to bake, so I can’t imagine the heat in Cali.

  • Margie

    I remember when my kids were younger, it was common for them to bring in treats to school (or to their daycare “class”) for their birthday. Another parent had an idea I loved, and had to emulate, similar to this… using gumdrops (cut in half, iirc) for noses (or was it ears?), and those fine licorice strings for whiskers… Wonder if I can find the pictures I took!

    Anyway, for me, it was much easier to make the little animal faces by putting candies on the cupcakes–so if you end up pressed for time, or feel like expressing your creativity with yet another medium, try using gumdrops, licorice, chocolate jimmies, those little cinnamon dots, etc. to make the doggie faces. :)

    SAJ says: We might just do that!

  • sassy little punkin

    seriously, how much for the pupcakes painting(s)? there is someone i know who would LOVE that…

    SAJ says: Don’t know yet but I will most definitely get back to you on that. Wait, you’re coming to the show! I’ll see you there!

  • Anna

    You are so creative, just had to say so even though it’s so incredibly obvious.

    I was inspired by your dog pictures to buy some little canvases so that I can paint some animal wall hangings to put in my new baby boy’s room (coming in 3 weeks!) to go with his jungle theme. I will be sure to comment later with a link to photos if you are so inclined to see what you inspired :)

    SAJ says: Yes! Please! Leave links. It’s a Doggity Dog Dog Summer!

  • kathryn

    mmmm… what are the ears made of? Figs?

    SAJ says: The one pictured has marzipan ears. The marzipan is rolled with cocoa to create the brown color. However, the marzipan rolling was much too much work and so I decided that chocolate bar triangles are a much better way to go. If the candy bar is left at room temperature (but not a hot room with no ac… don’t want it melting) they are easy to cut and don’t splinter and crack.

  • OMSH

    Are you planning this entire event? Because WOW! If not, they are so lucky to have you!

    SAJ says: No. But you know me. I can’t keep from meddling.

  • Amanda

    Those looks too good. I hate Weight Watchers when I see something sweet and gooey and tempting like that delectable pupcake.

    SAJ says: I hate skinny beautiful people who don’t eat cupcakes. Just kidding! I feel your pain. I’m over here watching my cupcake intake as well.

  • mar

    Like we don’t all know this already, but you should definitely, in your next life, be a professional party planner. Or – even better – write a book, with several different party themes, having Toby (or you, of course!) take the pictures. Trust me, you could definitely sell that!!

    And yes, I must know too – what are his little ears made out of?

    SAJ says: Marzipan. But that was just a prototype. The real deals are going to have chocolate bar triangles.

  • Kuky

    Am I the only one who imagined pupcake poo? I thought it was freaking adorable with pupcake poo! Now I feel like a big goober.